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I realize that IPB 2.2.0 beta is at a late stage in development but am hoping that some/all of these suggestions can be included in IPB 2.2.0

1) Result Type always defaults to "Show results as topics". I prefer to have them shown as posts. vB allows all available search settings to be saved for each user so that they are remembered.

2) When browsing a forum, the Search Forum/Topic editbox and button is displayed near the bottom of the page. Can this also be displayed near the top of the page (eg. Just below the New Topic button) to save having to scroll to the bottom of the page to perform a search.

3) Related to (2), when using the search box near the end of the page the results are always shown as topics. Can two radio buttons be displayed which give the option to select whether search results are shown as topics or posts. It should default to the search setting saved by the user in (1).
vB has this similar feature on it's drop-down search box, although it does not use the saved setting.

These three features would vastly improve the search capabilities/usability in IPB.

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