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Problems registering on this forum......

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I tried to register on the Invision Power forums at


but after filling out all the relevant details (ie. Username, Password, Email Address and Security Code Confirmations) followed by clicking on the "Submit my registration > >" button, the same page just reloads with the Password section flagged with a red banner saying "The password section is incomplete"

The password section tips said the password should be between 3 and 32 characters, and my password was 30 characters. Eventually I reduced the password length to 10 characters and the registration was successful. I then went into My Controls to change my password again back to 30 characters and it was accepted. I then tried changing it to 32 characters and that was also accepted.

I haven't tried setting it to less than 3 chars or greater than 32 chars to see if they are accepted or flagged as incorrect passwords. Might be worth testing.

So, it would appear there is a bug or a problem with the Invision Power Forum.

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