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Guest Luke

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A few things that bother me about this.

#1) Blog entires displayed do not show the blog entry title like "Topics" do.
#2) An external linked blog you can no longer get to from the profile. "No Entires" is displayed. Would suggest having a link under that tab, or (better yet) allow a member to provide a RSS feed from their external blog to show entires there from it.
#3) When the square was first added for the date it only had month and day. Now it has years. Before it was more square. Now with the year it looks a little "screwy" as a rectangle. I noticed this a while ago, but it keeps bugging me.
#4) Topic titles under "Topics" should be linkable, but not change the look of it (as in it doesnt look like a link, but it is)

Then the profile system itself:

The "Member Options" thing... Seems like all the drop downs have their own icons. Any chance of updating these to have their own icons?

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