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Tomorrow is the big day...

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I will be offering an IP.Board 2.2 uploaded on my server for anyone who wishes to play around with it, test for bugs, etc. Also, you will be granted limited AdminCP access, but you will receive access to mostly all parts of IPB's brand new ACP for 2.2. :) Just check my signature or PM me tomorrow after IP.Board 2.2 has been released and I will have information for anyone who wishes to register for it to be able to do so.

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Is it easy to install Zend to a localhost powered by WAMPServer?




This add-on will install the ZEND OPTIMIZER on your server and increases PHP runtime performance - for more info on ZEND OPTIMIZER, see the ZEND website . OPTIMIZER will be installed on both PHP4 and PHP5. After installation, restart your server and see your phpinfo().

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I'm uploading a copy of IP.Board 2.2 to my server at the moment. For anyone who wants to test it and doesn't have hosting, is too lazy, etc., send me a PM here saying that you want an account. You will be granted one (1) admin account and will have almost full admin access, but not full access due to security reasons. If you would like an account, you must PM me with the following details:

  • Your Desired Username
  • Your Desired Password (or if you want you may specify that I create you a temporary password and you can change it after you log in)
  • Your E-Mail Address
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