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My god...

Guest Κeith

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New member list is amazing!

I like it a lot. B)

Now, to see the ACP...

/me nudges Charles and hands him a $1.00 in a handshake. :whistling:

they should change it to show 12 people on 1 page though, now the 3rd line has 2 empty blocks! :unsure:
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The member list does look much, much nicer. Can't say the same about the new profile view.

Agreed. Hopefully profile page can be fairly easily rearranged though. (even if I ahve to do it myself in the template, hopefully it could look how I want. The main problem I have with it is I would rather it have wider areas for some of the things such as comments and put that middle area of posts,pics, etc... all on the same left to right line(area) below the rest instead of in the middle.
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