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The "My Pin" Idea

Guest Brandon C

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Originally found here by Fast Lane:

What about an "I am not interested" feature that hides topics that you are not interested in. You click a button next to the topic and "poof" it is hidden from view unless you add it back . Just a thought. You could then have a "view all tab" to show everything. Also a thought... You could have a "my pinned" feature where you can actually Pin any Topic you want! This means that in addition to the ones that the board mods have pinned each member could then add additional pinned threads of their own. This would be Ultra Cool and I think very useful in personalizing the experience. That is just my two cents on two possible cool features!

I think that both of these features have been the two best feature suggestions I have seen in a while, and I'd really love to see this implemented into IPB. As you can see, the replies after him in that topic I linked to you above, everyone is loving it as well, and I can see why! :D
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