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We can Merge, Move, Delete, and toggle post visibility, but I'd love the ability to close individual posts to lock them from tampering after one of my moderators has edited a message.

What sometimes happens is that a moderator will spot an offensive post, then edit it and send a warning to the offending member. The poster may then go back and re-edit his post to remove remarks left by the moderator. I'd like to put an end to that.

If a moderator can lock an individual message then his comments can not be tampered with, so if this is not already a feature under consideration, please think about adding it? :)

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ACP > MANAGEMENT > Manage User Groups > {user group} [Edit Group] > Posting Permissions >

Edit time restriction (in minutes)?

That's not the same thing mate. Let's say a member has a 30 minute edit time restriction? He posts a message that gets the attention of a moderator, who in turn edits his message. The member sees the moderator's edit, but there's nothing stopping him from overriding that edit assuming he's still within the 30 minute (or whatever) window. We need to be able to lock the post once a mod edits it.
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That was in response to Strange_Will I believe.

But I agree, manual edit-locking would be useful.

Making the post non-quotable would be a cosmetic feature, given that simple copy-paste is rather unstoppable. But it might keep people from clicking the "quote" button without thinking.

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