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Easier smiley installer.

Guest smor

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My sugestion is to make installing smilies as easy as installing avatars.
I have over 1000 smilies and it is hard and time consuming to install all ove them 3 at a time.
I would like to just upload to the folder they are in and the system to auto name them what ever the file name is with out the extention and you can change it later in the admin cp.

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Hold on, I'm confused - I don't fully understand what you are suggesting..

You can easily create a folder in FTP, and upload the images in FTP.
They'll automatically show up in the ACP and you can assign them from there (clickable, etc.). The replacement tag will automatically assume the filename inside : : but you can change it.

I don't see how to possibly make that easier myself.

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What you just said was posible is what I was asking to be adding.
Unless this has been adding To 2.1.3 or higher I could not get it to work befor.
How ever I will give this a try as last time I uploaded to the ftp it none of them showed up in the admin cp.

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