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Skin changes file

Guest Dlf

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Could we please have the option in the skin change files to choose* the colors for the added and the remove skin changes? I am color-blind to red and green, they look almost identical to me. If we could, it would VERY NICE. Or just have a "color-chooser".

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You could easily go into


at the very top of the file, the first lines, find

.diffred { background-color: #D7BBC8; text-decoration:none; } ins, .diffgreen { background-color: #BBD0C8; text-decoration:none; }


and change them to whatever you want.

I think, overall, green and red are relatively standard. It's impossible to accomodate everyone in this respect (what about people that are colorblind to other colors?), but you can change them in the CSS quite easily. :)

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