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Re-validate All Members

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I am in dire need of a way to require all my members to re-validate their membership. I basically want to force them to log into the forum to receive new information (and to suggest that they update their profile). In doing so, I'll be able to see which members are still interested in being active participants on the forum. I can then prune members that may have active e-mail addresses, but aren't participating in the forum (and haven't requested re-validation through this process)

Is there any way that this concept can be incorporated in future InvisionBoard versions?


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A simple SQL query will do this nicely.

Assuming the ID of your validating group is 1 (the default), and your user id is also 1:

UPDATE ibf_members SET mgroup=1 WHERE id != 1

This'll move everyone back into the validating group except user 1. :)

But that won't send out the e-mails to allow users to re-validate as the original poster wishes.
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Exactly. I appreciate the tip, and I can certainly move all my members to "validating". I guess I could then send out a bulk e-mail asking all the members to log in to the site. But, how will this trigger me to know which members logged in to request a status change from validating to member?

For example, if I move my members to "validating" status, I now have a list of 100 members that require validating. What type of mechanism is available for me to get a notification that one of the members has logged in and requests member access? (since he/she is already in validating status) I only want to update permissions for those in "validating" status who want to once again become active members.

I think this can be a great tool to add to future IPS versions.

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Now that Invisionboard 2.2 is out, has this been incorporated at all? I am still looking for this feature, and it will prove invaluable for my site. My members are all Fraternity alumni, and this will allow me to get a feel for how many still want to actively participate in the Forum and the active Alumni Chapter.

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I like this idea and can think of it as a more general ACP feature to mass-administrate accounts.

Scenario: Assume the forum rules have changed and you want to have all members acknowledge the new rules. Until they accept the new rules, they will be restricted in some of their rights (definable), or they cannot use new features, or ... So there must be a way to decide between members, who did accept the new rules, those, who didn't, and those, who didn't react at all, and then base some further actions on these criteria.

Scenario: Profile entries may change or new entries may be added and you want all members to learn about and update them. Ideally, features could be bound to certain profile entries be filled out (which would require, that the custom profile entries would allow for admin-cunfigurable evaluation of regular expressions). Example: Unless a member has not added a formally valid real name and ground mail address (checked by RegEX rules), s/he may not take part in a special market place section of the forum.

Scenario: Sometimes you just want to dump old and inactive accounts or move or add or remove users to/from certain user groups based on criteria such as:

- no posts, or less than x posts, or less than x posts in y time
- not logged in for more than x time
- not updating their profile at all, or not in x time
- for more than x times temporarily locking their own accounts by giving invalid passwords
- ...

There should be a way to select from a large range of criteria and put all matches in a special group, either a real user group or a temporary group just to perform some definable actions on all matches. Actions could be delete, move to group, add to group, send e-mail, send PM, nothing at all (for testing) etc.

Ideally, such tasks could be triggered one-shot or be put in a task list to be performed regularly in the background by the scheduler. And it should be possible to use the selected matching members resulting from one such rule as the input to another rule.

I know, this is possible using SQL command, but I think, there should be a frontend in the ACP for common scenarios, as using SQL commands directly is rather error-prone and quite a few people (even forum admins ;-) don't know the syntax, anyway.



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2.2 came with a way to deal with this.

    1. In your ACP go to:
      ADMIN --> SQL Toolbox
    2. In the box at the bottom type in this code and click "Run Query"

      UPDATE ibf_members SET mgroup=1 WHERE mgroup=3

      Warning: That will move all members in the 'members' group to the 'validating' group providing you haven't changed the default group values.
      It will not move members in the 'banned' group, 'admin' group or any other group. Only 'members'.

    3. Now go to MANAGEMENT --> Manage Validating. you should see a long list of all your members
    4. Click the checkbox that selects all checkboxes, so that every entry is ticked
    5. From the drop-down manu at the bottom of the list, select "Resend Validation Email"
    6. Click the "Process" button
      That will send out all users you just moved into the 'validating' group the validation email
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