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a logo thing

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The logo thing  

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would it be possible to have the writing on the logo change thro lets say the admin CP in the same way you can change the writing on the logo's on the blog? cos if u did that, it would be sweet!

YES! This is a fantastic idea. I love the default skin, but as I'm absolutely crap with graphics I can never change the logo.
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Here you go, guys:

(scroll down, there's a new version)

Full instructions are included in the package, it will create a logo somewhat like this:

You can change the text and the font from within your ACP. :)

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It would be sweet if you could make it like the Blog one where there is the title and subtitle.



I've also set it up to allow you to set the font sizes of both bits of text, as well as their positioning. I'll post up the new files as soon as I have tried the 'custom V' idea. :)
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Finished. :)

You can now create logos like the one I posted first, or either of these two examples: (plus many more combinations)

As with the original package, full instructions are included. If you have any problems, let me know.

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It's a problem with the way the settings XML file is generated. It stores them as being in setting group 30, but when it's imported, it creates a new group, which might not be group 30.

There are two possible ways to fix it, the first one is to find the setting group in the group listing and try clicking the far-right icon on it's row ( 2 rounded arrows in a circle ). If that doesn't fix the problem ( by setting the number of settings to the correct amount ), you'll need to try this:

1) Hover over the 'Board Logo' setting group and in the status bar of your browser, you'll see a link much like this:


2) Take the number that comes after conf_group= (in this case 30).

3) Go to your SQL Toolbox and run this query (replacing 30 with the number you got above):

UPDATE ibf_conf_settings SET conf_group = '30' WHERE conf_key LIKE 'board_logo%'

4) Under the tools and settings tab, find 'Cache control', in that list, there will be an item called 'settings'. Click the silver / grey button and click 'Update cache'.

Hope that works. :)

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The font included in the package ( /sources/fonts/streetcornerbold.ttf ) is missing / cannot be found. You need to upload it to the /sources/fonts/ directory on your forum installation. :)

Edit: Just noticed, it is there after all.. Let me see if I can figure it :)

Edit2: As a temporary solution, you could try putting a copy of the file in your root forum directory (where index.php and admin.php are).

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I am going to take up the new hobby of saying: 'Hmm.' a lot. :)

Can you try using the version of mod_logo.php I have attached to this post and see if it helps? It's either going to make it better or worse, I am hoping for better. o:)

(Just replace /modules/mod_logo.php with the one I have attached)

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