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Guest Mihail Panayotov

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Hi all, I have been waiting for a long time to see the new 2.1 version because the new rearanged ACP and the RSS functuions, but the most for the WYSIWYG post editing. Now when I see the 2.1 beta I'm a little disappointed in that what you call "WYSIWYG editor". I don't know if its turned off, and that what I see in this forum is not the WYSIWYG editor. If it's so, please take my apologies. Otherwise, this is not a WYSIWYG!!!

WYSIWYG means "What You See Is What You Get". I see here the old BB codes, not a formated text. The only change is that we have more beautiful and intuitive graphic buttons. But this is not a WYSIWYG. Please take a look at this: http://tinymce.moxiecode.com/example.php?example=true

This is WYSIWYG! ;)

One more thing - it will be nice if the user can upload a picture from his own hard drive.

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This seems to be flawed IMHO

If I write this text then decide to add color by selecting it the close tag is not added and the color attribute is added to the beginning of the post!

*TEST* If I write this text then decide to add color by selecting it the close tag is not added!

How do I insert Quote tags to text that has already been inserted to a post and get the close tag?

The Code tags seem to have dissapeared too :o

Seems to me it needs a bit more work to be user intuative otherwise there is no point subjecting our members to something that is going to confuse them because they dont know which buttons to press to get the results they desire :ermm:

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It doesn't need to be an ACP option. 2 simple SQL queries will change this for you.

This query sets the default setting to the Rich text editor:

ALTER TABLE ibf_members CHANGE members_editor_choice members_editor_choice CHAR( 3 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'rte'

and this one updates ALL your current members to use it:

UPDATE ibf_members SET members_editor_choice='rte'

Be aware that some people don't have a browser capable of supporting this...

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yeah I kinda figured that out, and I did it, and I agree with you, however I was wondering if a link could be placed beside the Editor, so members can easily flip between the two types, instead of going to your control page, which for some visitors is hard.

I think a link to switch between the two types of Editors, in your post page, would be appreciate it

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Thanks to those of you who pointed us in the direction of the RTE - I had despaired of that as well and had almost chosen not to upgrade because it wasn't there!

However, I do wish there was a way to tell the difference from the post screen...LOL. They look exactly alike!

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