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  1. -1 I wouldn't expect to find much use for this at all. Why not just send them a PM?!
  2. Saw me in half and call me Stumpy!
  3. I agree. Even though I'm dead-set against allowing animated avatars on the main forum index, I've never had a problem with seeing them in topic view. I'd also like to see an option like you suggest, R1Lover.
  4. I'm happy to put my hand up and say that that was probably me (posting under the username of numbnuts). I suggested that animated avatars on the main forum index page/s should be "frozen" on the first frame of the animation (if it was technically possible to do so) because the last thing I wanted to see all over the forum index was a pile of little flashing gifs! I'm pleased that this has now been implemented.
  5. I was thinking exactly the same thing the first time I saw this new version.
  6. But they would be the same size in my example, wouldn't they?
  7. I didn't realise that, Michael. Thanks. Take a look at that very same screenshot, though. Was anyone else confused (like I was, briefly) as to whether "Server Management, Resources, Optimization" were three separate forums or just one? I had to go back to the main forum index to actually try the link to confirm it was just one. So, the only difference between a forum title that has commas in it and a list of subforums is an extra space in between each subforum?? It would be interesting to see what would happen if that main forum above (Server Management, Resources, Optimization) was a subforum. Subforum #1, Subforum #2, Server Management, Resources, Optimization, Subforum #4 Hhhhmmm.
  8. Haha. Yeah, it's a fairly trivial topic I've started here... and a bloody good sign that there's not much else to complain about! It's looking damn good overall, Matt. :)
  9. I'm definitely liking that a whole lot better than commas. Like I said, though. I'd like to know what's so wrong with the status quo.
  10. I know there's been previous discussion about how best to separate subforum titles on the index page to aid readibility, but, are, commas, the, best, solution,? What was so wrong with the little image files in 3.1? They can also have different colours to indicate whether or not the subforums have unread content. Don't tell me they've been deemed to be "clutter"? Striving for a "clean skin" is all very well and good but it appears as if this is being taken a litle too far in places.
  11. Let's not go and confuse ourselves here. As per the above posts, there are two things that are despartetly needed in IP.Board. They are quite separate things, but equally vital. These are: Save as draft - i.e., ability to write and save a post as a draft only and return to it later to edit/publish it (possibly admin-only option?)Publish at a specified date/time - i.e., ability to write and save a post but not have it visible/published AT ALL until the specified date and time (definitely admin-only option!). This is available in IP.Content - why not in IP.Board?? The "Topic Open Time" is a complete waste of time, IMHO, and not nearly as important as a "Topic Publish Time".
  12. Gard damn! One of my members has just left a conversation by mistake and now he wants back in (and I want him back in, too!) but you're telling me there is no way around this?
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