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I made a post at this forum i use. neowin.net. People come in every now and then, and spam the **** out of us. i think it is very very annoying, and sometimes moderators or admins are not avaliable.

if there was a spam filter, disabling a user to post the same topic title more then once.. that would slow down, and prevent spammers from flooding the forum.

i was wondering if this could be possible?


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You can block/ban names, email addresses and IP addresses - I would have thought that would be enough to deter them!


but not even this option to slow them down? or prevent mass spammers? spam bots etc..

i am only speaking to help IMPROVE your forums, i am not a moderator, or an admin of a forum, i am simple a members at neowin, who gets really pissed off when little faeces heads post to get members...

but thanks for reading :ermm:
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