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Post Report Feature

Guest deshelman

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I'd like to see an option for when people report posts... where you can set the behavior in the ACP to either PM reportd to all moderators or it would post the report in a new topic in a forum you specify. (it would act kind of like the trash bin, just slightly different)

forum "Reports" viewable only by moderators.
When a user presses the "report!" button, instead of sending a PM. It dumps the report into a new topic in the "Reports" forum, or whatever forum you wish.

This way mods could easily discuss the report and if there are lots of moderators... instead of wondering who is taking care of the report, someone can just reply and say "i'm on it" or whatever... I require all mods on my board to "file" reports like this anyways for documentation.

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if I may add a few suggestions to add to this idea:

[*]A admin can set weather the reports go to: Forum (set in ACP), Mod/admin (maybe not both groups), PM, and e-mail. [*]Flood control - Does like all the others do; this would allow you to limit the amount of "reported" posts that can be sent to the staff. [*]Thinking of above in mind. Groups and members can bypass this [*]The admin can set which forums can have the "report" post icon show. [*]The admin can set the number of reports a group/member can send to the staff each day/other limit.

I think i'm done here. :P. *hopes this posts*

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