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Ok i'm sure you've prolly gotten at least one thread with this suggestion but i really didn't feel like thread hunting :P

if anyone knows how the WebHost Manager of cPanel works, they will know what I'm talking about. cPanel comes with a button that just says "Upgrade". when you click it, it goes and auto-retrieves the latest update from cpanel and installs it to the server. it also goes and gets server software updates, but i dont expect that lol.

my suggestion is quite obvious from the previously stated info. I suggest there simply be an upgrade script that actually retrieves the latest IPB package and installs it. of course it would check licensing as well before it updated but yeah that's meh suggestion.

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The problem is that every server has different limitations, designs, structures, permissions, etc. On top of that, doing it without making the upgrade feature extensive towards backing up the data and the script files would be wreckless. Then after backing up, performing the actual install of the upgrade and doing the upgrade itself can encounter problems. This all before considering the hacks/mods that may be installed.

It's a really nice idea, and I think Outlaw will agree with that. But it's an extreme amount of work just to have it do all the work for you.

It's easier, safer and smarter to ask for a guide on the best recommended ways to upgrade/update your forums with the least amount of hassle, including if there are problems.

Since my host gives me shell access, I tend to be lazy about it. I turn the boards off, download (export) the database, verify it quickly, then in the shell, I zip up the entire forum structure as-is. *poof*, backup complete. If it's a few select files that are updated, then I just update those, otherwise I just explode the entire upload folder in the zip file to the host (minus the conf file), run the upgrade, turn the board back on and re-edit the files to get the mods back. Not the best way but it works for me.

But like I said.. It *is* a nice idea, just not too terribly practical.

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