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AdminCP Notifications

Invision Community 4.4 has introduced  the new AdminCP Notification, which allow you to programmatically send a notification to the admin.

To implement this within your custom application, create the new extension via the ACP Application Developer Center, and then you can send it using the following:

\IPS\core\AdminNotification::send( 'demo', 'Test');

if you want to remove a notification, you can use following code:

\IPS\core\AdminNotification::remove( 'demo', 'Test' );



Similar to the frontend notifications, the send method accepts the following additional parameters

	 * Send Notification
	 * @param	string				$app				Application key
	 * @param	string				$extension			Extension key
	 * @param	string|null			$extra				Any additional information which persists if the notification is resent
	 * @param	bool|null			$resend				If an existing notification exists, it will be bumped / resent
	 * @param	mixed				$extraForEmail		Any additional information specific to this instance which is used for the email but not saved
	 * @param	bool|\IPS\Member	$bypassEmail		If TRUE, no email will be sent, regardless of admin preferences - or if a member object, that admin will be skipped. Should only be used if the action is initiated by an admin making an email unnecessary 
	 * @return	void
	public static function send( $app, $extension, $extra = NULL, $resend = TRUE, $extraForEmail = NULL, $bypassEmail = FALSE )


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