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Deprecated Methods

We took the opportunity for some spring cleaning and to clean up the 4.6 code, so we have finally removed most of the methods which were marked as deprecated.

  • Removed \IPS\{app}\extensions\core\Uninstall\{extension}::onOtherAppUninstall() (use onOtherUninstall()instead).
  • Removed \IPS\cms\Databases::getDatabaseDataFromStore() (use getStore() instead).
  • Removed \IPS\cms\Pages\Page::getPageUrlStore() (use getStore() instead).
  • Removed \IPS\Application::$ipsApps (use \IPS\IPS::$ipsApps instead).
  • Removed \IPS\Login::handlers() (use getStore() instead, but note that the response is formatted differently).
  • \IPS\Email::buildFromContent() now requires the $type parameter to be passed.
  • \IPS\Email::buildFromTemplate() now requires the $type parameter to be passed.
  • Removed \IPS\File::getConfigurations() (use getStore() instead).
  • $isInternal and $isFriendly properties in the URL classes have been removed. Check instanceof \IPS\Http\Url\Internal and instanceof \IPS\Http\Url\Friendly instead.
  • Removed \IPS\core\Rss::getAllFeeds() (use getStore() instead).
  • Removed \IPS\Content\Reaction::reactionStore() (use getStore() instead).
  • Removed \IPS\Content\ShareServices\Facebook::publish().
  • Removed \IPS\Db::SELECT_SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS. This behavior was already deprecated and throwing IN_DEV warnings in past versions.
  • Removed \IPS\Email::buildUnsubscribe() (use setUnsubscribe() instead).
  • Removed \IPS\Helpers\Form\Address::_calculateDefaultCountry() (use calculateDefaultCountry() instead, and note that it is a static method).
  • Removed \IPS\Http\Url::getFurlQuery() (check $friendlyUrlComponent instead).
  • Removed \IPS\Http\Url::csrf() (this method still exists for internal URL instances of \IPS\Http\Url\Internal).
  • Removed \IPS\Http\Url::acpQueryString() (this method still exists for internal URL instances of \IPS\Http\Url\Internal).
  • Removed \IPS\Http\Url::stripArguments()`.
  • Removed \IPS\Http\Url::createFromArray().
  • Removed \IPS\Http\Url::rfc3986().
  • Removed \IPS\Http\Url::getFriendlyUrlData() (check $hiddenQueryString on an instance of \IPS\Http\Url\Friendly instead).
  • Removed \IPS\Log::i()->write() (use \IPS\Log::log() and \IPS\Log::debug()` instead).
  • Removed \IPS\Login\LoginAbstract`. This class provided an upgrade path for 4.2 login handlers when 4.3 was initially released.
  • Removed \IPS\Member\Group::groupStore() (use getStore() instead).
  • Removed \IPS\Member::get_pp_photo_type() (use the magic ->pp_photo_type property instead).
  • Removed \IPS\Output::licenseKeyWarning() and \IPS\Output::licenseKeyDaysRemaining().
  • Removed \IPS\Theme::i()->logo_sharer and \IPS\Theme::i()->logo_favicon as these are no longer theme-specific images.

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