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Developer Documentation

Invision Community 4.4

  1. AdminCP Notifications

    Invision Community 4.4 has introduced  the new AdminCP Notification, which allow you to programmatically send a notification to the admin. To implement this within your custom application, create the new extension via the ACP Application Developer Center, and then you can send it using the following: \IPS\core\AdminNotification::send( 'demo', 'Test'); if you want to remove a notification, you can use following code: \IPS\core\AdminNotification::remove( 'demo', 'Test' );
  2. Image Lazy Loading

    To support lazy loading in your content, first of all, the container of the image needs either to utilize the ipsLazyLoad module or if you're using the Lightbox, it's enough to have your content wrapped by an element utilizing the core.front.core.lightboxedImages controller. <div data-ipsLazyLoad> {{if settings.lazy_load_enabled}} <img src='{expression="\IPS\Text\Parser::blankImage()"}' data-src='{$coverPhoto->file->url}' class='ipsCoverPhoto_photo' data-action="toggleCoverP
  3. Misc. Changes

    Club Navbar IPS 4.4.0 provides a new method /** * Can be used by 3rd parties to add own club navigation tabs before they get sorted * * @param array $tabs Tabs * @param \IPS\Node\Model|NULL $container Container * @return array */ protected function _tabs( array $tabs, \IPS\Node\Model $container = NULL ) : array which allows hooks to add own tabs to club navigation bar. Changes to the queue/task system: We've created 3 new constants 'REBUILD_SLOW' => 50,
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