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Summary of Changes

Deprecated Extensions:

  • \IPS\core\extensions\core\MemberFilter\Locked


New Features:


API breaking changes:

The method definition for changesForHistory() in the MemberRestriction extensions was updated, it's receiving now the DB row as second parameter.

	 * Get details of a change to show on history
	 * @param	array	$changes	Changes as set in save()
	 * @param   array   $row        Row of data from member history table.
	 * @return	array
	public static function changesForHistory( array $changes, array $row ): array


Additional Changes:

The $useWrapper parameter in \IPS\Email::buildFromContent was changed from being a bool value to one of following 3 constants:

	 * @brief   Use the NoWrapper wrapper (basic HTML container)
	const WRAPPER_NONE = 0;

	 * @brief   Use the full email wrapper
	const WRAPPER_USE = 1;

	 * @brief   A wrapper has already been applied to the email content ( used in MergeAndSend() )

So please take this into account based on the use case where/how you call this method.

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