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Checking for updates in your application, plugin, language or theme

Invision Community can periodically check for updates to your application, plugin or theme and present a message in the AdminCP if an update is available.

If you are submitting your resource to the Invision Community Marketplace, we will automatically handle the update notifications when you upload new versions of your resource.

When creating your application, plugin, language (4.5 or newer) or theme you can specify a URL that the Invision Community will use to check whether an update is available.

"Update URL" field when creating a plugin

Invision Community will send a request to the specified URL periodically with a "version" parameter specifying the current version ID number. For example, if you specify the URL as:


And someone is using a version of your application with the version ID "10002", then the request will be sent to:


Requests sent to this URL will also include an 'ips_version' parameter, this is the long version ID of the current Invision Community install sending the request.

This URL should return with a JSON-encoded object with the following properties:

  • version 
    The human-readable version number (e.g. "2.0.0") of the latest version available
  • longversion
    The version ID number (e.g. "20000") of the latest version available
  • released
    The unix timestamp of the date that version was released
  • updateurl
    The URL where the administrator can download the update

For example, you might return something like this:

    "version": "2.0.0",
    "longversion": 20000,
    "released": 1423841958,
    "updateurl": "https://www.example.com/myapp/download"

For a live example, the URL for checking for updates to Invision Community itself is:


You can visit this URL to see what is returned for Invision Community

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