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4.4: AdminCP Notifications

Do you recall that scene in Harry Potter where young Harry is sitting in his Uncle’s living room when hundreds of letters from Hogwarts burst through the fireplace, filling the room?

Sometimes, when you log into the administrator’s control panel, it can feel a bit like that.

As the administration control panel has evolved, there has been more of a need to display notifications, alerts and warnings to the administrators.

There are several things which may require an administrator's attention which may show a notice on the AdminCP dashboard, a banner on the community, or send an email. For example:

  • When a new version of Invision Community is released.
  • A new member registers and requires administrator validation.
  • A configuration issue is detected, for example if dangerous PHP functions are enabled on the server.
  • There are items Commerce which require manual action, such as transactions pending manual approval or items to be shipped.

Up until now, each such area would manage how these notifications show and are sent independently. In 4.4 we have introduced a new section of the AdminCP which shows all things which require administrator attention in one place, easily accessible from any AdminCP page.

AdminCP Notification Popup.png

AdminCP Notification Menu

Clicking on any of these notifications will take you to the relevant area of the AdminCP, or there is also a full-screen Notification Center which allows you to quickly take common actions such as approving members.

AdminCP Notification Center.png

AdminCP Notification Center

While the best approach is to take the appropriate action (which will automatically dismiss the notification) so you always have an empty Notification Center, most notification types can be hidden, either temporarily on a per-notification basis by clicking the cross in the top-right, or administrators can hide all notifications of a certain type from their individual settings. Administrators can also choose which type of notifications to receive an email notification about.

AdminCP Notification Settings.png

Notification Settings

Each notification has a severity indicated by the coloured bar on the side and certain notifications can also show banners either across the AdminCP, or also on the front-end (to administrators).

Notifications group automatically (so for example, if there are 5 members pending approval, you will see 1 notification rather than 5 separate ones) and where appropriate each administrator can choose if they want to receive a single email, or a separate email with each occurrence.

Now you won't miss an invitation to Hogwarts, or anything important again.

This is a blog about our upcoming Invision Community 4.4 release, due later this year.


Recommended Comments

I already know of a couple of enhancements that might be beneficial.  Being able to customize the priority of the different types of notifications, both on a "global" level and then on a group level.

Certain notifications may be considered top priority to the site owner, and thus should always be top of the list, but then have certain admin groups that have access to the same content, but need to have different priorities.

ex, Security exploit fix notice from IPS appearing at the very top, but for a group that handles user related items, new users should appear first for them, while someone in a group that focuses on support tickets should see anything 'critical' in that area first (below the global priority notices).

Is this something that might be added after the initial release of this new feature?

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3 hours ago, Joel R said:

1. Can we temporarily dismiss certain notifications? For example, I'm aware of the PHP settings but don't want to deal with them right now.  

2. Can I invite Mark Wade to the Yule Ball? 

3. Are you already working on 4.4.1?? 

  1. Yes.
  2. Oh... um... I'm really sorry but I'm going with Cedric Diggory.
  3. No.
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1 hour ago, CodingJungle said:

well that is the simplified version, to give an "approximation", here is the full equation:


Can you find and show us the equation that goes beyond "approximation" and hits in the "ETA" territory?  Or would it be too big to fit on the screen?

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2 hours ago, FxJ said:

Nothing more IMPORTANT to do?

  • meta tags - fix?
  • easy link preview / img select for topics

I think this enhancement is rather important, as it helps to make an admins job easier and less time consuming.  I'm sure they are working to address any bugs/issues with meta tags, and a link preview isn't that great of a priority.

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