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  1. @newbie LAC, reinstalled the plugin again and it also works on Invision Community v4.3.3! Hooray!
  2. On one of the projects, I updated Invision Community v4.3.0, unfortunately, plugin on does not work.
  3. Installed a new version ... Many thanks, everything works without errors! http://www.ilovekamchatka.ru/pollswall/
  4. Thanks for the support, I'm looking forward to when the bug is fixed. I am sure that everything will be fine!
  5. See: http://www.ilovekamchatka.ru/pollswall/ Shows 160+ pages, and polls are only on 7 pages ...
  6. Tell me, please, will support for new versions IPS? I buy the plugin, and it does not work correctly - in the Polls tree topics are added, in which there is no polling.
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