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  1. Lindy, will those of us who replied to this receive a response from IPS one way or another?
  2. Any issues updating to 3.4.4 with Pulse, Tom?
  3. Just wanted to take a moment and give public props to the support staff here at IPS. I've had a few issues recently (that ended up being caused by my host) but the response here was quick, professional, and spot on! Particular shout out to Alan. :smile: Keep up the good work folks, it just reinforces my belief that IPS is the best forum software company there is.
  4. It's official, I will be doing styles for IPB again! :)

  5. *Thinking* about doing design work for IPB again...not sure if the payout is worth the work though. :/

    1. Mikey B

      Mikey B

      I'm sure you could do great things with IPB 3.3, John!

    2. RazorThemes


      Thanks Mikey, I'm sure I could too...just not sure I want to do it for $10-$15 a skin ;)

    3. Mikey B

      Mikey B

      I've seen people selling skins for $25+. I've bought those skins, too.

  6. Really impressive...enough so to make me want to start doing IPB skins again :)
  7. For those interested, I no longer own Transverse Styles.

    1. TheRevTastic


      We still wuv woo

    2. Tyralak


      Can we still buy Battlegear?

    3. RazorThemes


      Sorry, I have no affiliation with that site any longer and can't answer any questions about it.

  8. Good work Mark! Thanks for the much needed improvements to V1.0...it will be a much more valuable release to all! :)
  9. I was remarking on your comment that the XF code would be some sort of joke...or did I misunderstand you?
  10. Do you have some sort of crystal ball? I have seen the code and you couldn't be farther off if you tried.
  11. File Name: Azel File Submitter: John S File Submitted: 07 Aug 2010 File Updated: 28 Sep 2010 File Category: Light Skins Azel by Transverse Styles Azel is a tastefully and creatively designed package. From it's attention grabbing header section to it's cheerful and pleasing colors, this is a design that is certain to please members and visitors alike! Coded to work with latest version of IP.Blog, IP.Gallery, IP.Downloads and IP.Chat Eligible for our Buy One Get One Free offer! Detailed installation instructions included Price includes one year free support and access to updates as
  12. File Name: Skilltest File Submitter: John S File Submitted: 31 Jul 2010 File Updated: 03 Aug 2010 File Category: Dark Skins Skilltest by Transverse Styles Skilltest is another in our line of completely unique designs for IPB. A dark design with blue, red and green highlights. Stuffed with custom images and design features such as rollovers on the header navigation buttons. Truly a perfect style for a gaming or clan site. Coded to work with latest version of IP.Blog, IP.Gallery, IP.Downloads and IP.Chat Includes detailed installation instructions Price includes one year free suppor
  13. It's been precisely 26 hours since the board was opened. Stats for that period: Discussions: 356 Messages: 3,852 Members: 396 Wish I had that kind of activity ;)
  14. I am one those "diehard Kier fans" and a personal friend for a long time. I am also a "diehard Matt Mecham fan" and still think IPB3 is the gold standard for community software. I can't see this as anything but good for all concerned. When there is innovation and competition, we all benefit! :)
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