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  1. Hey all, I was wondering how you guys might have setup email receiving with Amazon SES? I understand we're supposed to use Piping and I have setup a ruleset that automatically uses SNS to forward the receiving email, but quite frankly it doesn't seem to work and I was wondering how the community has gone around handling this? Note I have already successfully setup email sending, so no worries there!
  2. Given more time working with certain ad platforms and Discord, I believe the platform holds merit to some niches and communities. Discord is a heavily gamified platform, with a younger demographic attached to it. That may not work for older, more mature communities, however, for communities with younger audiences, you may see some benefit from it. It all depends on who you're targeting. Discord servers are each their own little community, focused on a specific niche or role. If you can find a Discord server which has the same niche as what your community may be aimed at, you would be in
  3. Hey there, Recently, I just released my new community and I’ve been experimenting in all sorts to figure out how to advertise the site and get people to here about it. Turns out, so far one of my most effective methods to get some people on a site which is completely empty is Discord! If you aren’t familiar with Discord, it’s a relatively newer messaging platform aimed to topple Skype (and has successfully done so marketshare wise). Within there, there are many communities/servers for users to join, so whatever may be your niche or interest might be out there! I wouldn’t say it is as
  4. The Microsoft Registration Portal is deprecated and functionality will be removed in September. Therefore things have to be done differently through the Azure portal. This just has to be updated to the new standard.
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