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  1. Actually useless i've offered to pay him, and i've had same issue for months trying to get him to fix it and he wont. The plugin is buggy and doesnt work on newest version of IPS. Some members are unable to receive invitations from bonuses and it fails to add them to the invites db. Everytime I ask him to fix even offering him money he doesnt. He's useless
    Invite system is super buggy, I've reported these issues before an he has yet to fix upon further investigation I figured out the reasons why hopefully Adriano will fix now, however it worked perfectly before the IPS 4.5 update came out. Now he switched to a new table for whatever reason instead of having the invites etc on the members table it's its own table. Not every user is in this table etc, its really frustrating especially when your private forum surrounds this application working. Very upsetting
  2. Giving bonuses does not work nobody is given invitations Update: either that doesnt work or the preferences tab for invites always shows 0, uses the old invites_remaining on the member table? Update: it also doesnt give everyone in the group specified invites Update: it doesnt give everyone in the group specified invites because in this new stupid table vs it used to being in the member's table not every member on my forum is inside of it therefore all the users not getting invites just arent in the table, there are literally 9000+ members in it and just randomly there will be missing members no specific order Update: it literally just skips users, this is ridiculous, i dont suggest anyone to use this plugin until this is fixed
  3. Constantly getting Rate limited, whenever users go to join the discord they get Please fix
  4. Can you restrict specific categories to groups? Example: Premium category for premium members on the board?
  5. Another suggestion is more filters when giving out bonuses for example registration date (user has to be registered for X amount of time (days, months , years, etc) in order to receive an invite. so for example a user must be of x group and have been a member for 2 weeks
  6. Would you be able to add a purge page in the ACP, methods for us to purge unused invites, pending invites. (Purge as in removing them completely for example my board has a load of invitations just laying around and I would like to purge them as I do not want users to just rack up invitations and then just mass invite a bunch of people or sell them) Some sort of invite purging would be great to remove unused invitations etc.
    Theme looks beautiful, developer more than willing to help you with any issues you have. Great support!
  7. Voltz

    Gradiented Themplate

    Are you able to message via discord or something so I don't have to give an account with ACP on my site.
  8. Voltz

    Gradiented Themplate

    Okay, so reinstalling the chatbox addon seem to have fixed the issues with the dropdowns, anyways the theme is still not styling the chatbox properly As you can see the text input and the styles on the header portion, I believe this is because im using the chatbox+ version would you be able to add styles for that??
  9. Voltz

    Gradiented Themplate

    Hello, I've also bought your 4tech theme but have had issues with it so my site never used it, I had high hopes with this one because it worked fine on the demo, however with the latest invision update there is also bugs. So to start of here is some bugs with the chatbox: as you can see the text input is not styled and the gradients on the right etc. Next, trying to go to your user drop down just does https://www.site.com/#elUserLink_menu and clicking the create new button goes to https://www.site.com/#elCreateNew_menu, clicking the themes drop down goes to https://www.site.com/#elNavTheme_menu (I havent tested if any other links are broken but yeah). Also why dont you make it get the nav bar grab the links and that like most themes that you configure in the ACP. Anyways if you could update the theme for the new invision update that would be great and for chatbox pro! I actually want to use this one
  10. Hello, I am working on an api for one of my projects and I need to compare the user's password to the hash of a given string. I am kind of unsure how the passwords are being hashed i've tried using crypt method and md5 and can't seem to get it. Anyone know what I need to do in order to hash the password for the user correctly? // Something I have tried, which seems to not work due to no data being in the members_pass_salt colum $pass_hash = crypt($pass, '$2a$13$' . $member->members_pass_salt);
  11. Voltz

    4TECH support topic

    In support tickets the"ipsPad" elements (shows user etc) is the default IPS theme so it is all white
  12. Trying to setup notification for support ticket reply causes error whenever creating a support ticket. EDIT: Suggestion: Add the ability to mention specified roles / users when a notification is sent.
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