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  1. uploaded. is pending approval.
  2. good idea!. I'll work on it. let you know if I find a solution
  3. Hi, just drag a Topic Collection and drop anywhere as you do with another widgets. in this case i drag and drop a topic collection (Grid type) after the IPS default Forum box. this slideshow is one of +12 build-in plugins in the LAXERI theme.
  4. DONE! i'll upload the new version soon.
  5. Hi, when the user click on link of the logo?
  6. What's New in Version 1.1.5 NEW->Ability to specify image format NEW->Ability to specify video format NEW->Ability to loop video
  7. where do you want to control them? in php files or sql ? if you want to change them without code and query . you can use the website that @DawPi pointed
  8. php-> timestamp to date date('m/d/Y H:i:s', 1541843467) you can also get the current timestamp in php with: $time = time(); // get current date and time in timestamp format as you have in your DB
  9. @ZLTRGO just wanted you know, I added an option to support more extension for images and videos. is pending approval
  10. I even know which file in your theme needs to be modified and how to implement it to solve the problem, but you insist that this app has a problem. anyway, if you really want to solve the problem, let me know.
  11. Rest assured, if the problem was on my side, I would solve it. I said the solution, but you wrote about the author of your theme that he does not accept. Please take a look at the previous posts of the other clients in this thread and see see how I handled the problems. I have solved them all. I have published a theme in this market and I have considered this issue and I can share it with others to solve the problem. I just want to solve your problem.
  12. I just talked about the problem and the solution, and almost all of my clients can confirm that I'm always ready to solve the problem. I'm ready to talk about implementation problems with other devs . I can assure you that money is not my first priority. If was, I would not be working in this market. If you encounter a problem, I welcome it and do my best to solve it asap.
  13. Hi @ant.biaggi This plugin works well with the default IPS template and templates that are implemented correctly. The problem with templates is that they do not have the ability to disable the navigation section so you can replace this plugin with your own theme. We have already talked about this in this topic. I think you should ask the author of your template to add an option to disable the navigation section. Exactly what I did in my theme. Please tell me the plugins you bought and the problem you have, rest assured I will fix it.
  14. thanks , but i think the problem is the resource of image , i mean a way that we can get the image from resource. The following code returns the unknown value \IPS\Theme::i()->resource('images/a.png', 'core', 'global')
  15. try this : <?php $options = [ 'fa-address-book' => '&#xf2b9; ', 'fa-address-book-o' => '&#xf2ba;', 'fa-address-card' => '&#xf2bb; ', 'fa-address-card-o' => '&#xf2bc;', 'fa-adjust' => '&#xf042;' // etc. // I have full list of this array let me know if you are interested in. ]; return new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Radio("core_theme_setting_title_{$row['sc_id']}", $value, FALSE, array( 'options' => $options, 'class' => 'radio-class-faicons', 'parse' => "raw" ), NULL, NULL, NULL, 'theme_setting_' . $row['sc_key']); add this class to your custom css file : .radio-class-faicons { font-family:'FontAwesome' !important; font-weight:900; }
  16. how to show images? I added two images in a folder called `images` (system->global), using the manage resources option. I used this code but it doesn't show anything $options = [ "d"=>\IPS\Theme::i()->resource('images/a.png', 'core', 'global'), "l"=>\IPS\Theme::i()->resource('images/b.png', 'core', 'global') ];
  17. @Emediate Did you upload a video or did you use an external link? If there is an external link, it cannot be from YouTube links, etc. I can see you used the Youtube direct link and it's not possible. but you can add that link to the story. I always share the youtube links in instagram story in this way 🙂
  18. Email issue also resolved. You can also try with your account.
  19. @Emediate try with user : storypass: story123
  20. @Marc Stridgen A few days ago, through the contact form, I requested that an amount be transferred from my account in the marketplace to the client area. I confirmed the email you sent me, but this transfer has not yet taken place. my license expires in 7 days.
  21. I will add the gif format for the main image but I guess, it's not functional. just keep in mind we will not develop this app as Hotspot GIF or Hotspot VIDEO.
  22. we can specify imgae and video extensions and set autoplaying video as well in next version(i'm working on it). Note! In general, we have no control over GIF files in HTML (play, stop, pause,...).
  23. @ZLTRGO sorry, I think I did not understand what you exactly meant. Do you want to add these `.gif/mp4/...` extensions as a content of a spot?! or the main Hotspot image?
  24. Hi, Definitely possible, but we have no plans to do.
  25. @Hisashi you can register in http://ips.valacoding.com and check it out!
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