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  1. Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look at limiting the number of blogs per page, For those whose blogs are their landing page are taking to long to index. Instead of 24 blogs, perhaps a setting in the admincp to limit it to 8-12, or whatever amount?
  2. Is it written somewhere that explains the Blog system and hierarchy? I want users to only be able to post into one of the several Blog categories. So I don't want them to be able to "create a new blog". I have a few other questions but want to reference any guides that explain things. Understanding the hierarchy would help me understand this filing system this uses. Found this to review;
  3. Looking for any fellow Invision customers that are using the Marketplace app, as one of the primary apps on your website. Could you please share your ( and your customers) sites urls just so I can see a few other ideas that are out there. I have someone looking to add a grocery/breakfast/lunch/dinner menu to their set up.
  4. Nice admin feature, needs something on the user level too.
  5. For those who use tags on their sites, it would be a great feature to have a cloud block that can be added to each app page from the block manager, or admincp.
  6. I'll look into these. I did disable the social sharing and the rss.
  7. I believe I found the font issue by changing it to default so it doesn't call on googleapi. Are there any other settings that need to be adjusted for intranet sites?
  8. I have created a test site on an intrAnet. The site is slow loading pages, I assume its calling for external resources first, then times out and goes to the directed page. My question is, what settings do I need to adjust for the site being on an intranet setting? I have disabled Check IP address when validating session. I see it looking up fonts with googleapis, so I know there are other settings I need to find.
  9. Presently in grid view all blog posts are displayed on one page. This is problematic if the sites blog is the landing/index page as it displays all the blog entries which can have an affect on page load, but more importantly seo rating. With the new version is there a setting in admincp to limit the number of blog post displayed per page?
  10. So if the blogs is the index page of your site, will it list all the blog entries on the page, or is it broken down to a certain amount per page?
  11. Does the seo improvement mean the blogs can be filtered down to pages as opposed to all on one page?
  12. Perfect, works like a champ! Thank you!
  13. I would like to put a global background image on my site. But I know very little css. Is this possible?
    A very nice theme for my site. Pete has been very helpful with some fine tuning on my site. Very supportive of their product.
  14. I cannot seem to get my post attachments from Xen 2.0 to import. Could someone verify the exact url to use? I have tried several different variations with no success, everything else looks good. Also, can the importer be used more than once to import data? In regards to question 2, I eventually want to purchase the gallery app and get my media imported from my xen site. Thank you.
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