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  1. Well that worked. I'm new to IPS but I was able to bumble my way around the template area of the ACP and install your code. Worked for me. Thank you..
  2. Thank you for the suggestion.
  3. Your comment gives me somewhere to start. This has me scratching my head. I followed the supergrid install instructions as stated in the document. Then I attempted to created a new block, choose the desired database feed, clicked on the content tab, but I'm not getting a preview of the database. Changing to the supergrid theme isn't going to make it start working.
  4. I bought Supergrid a few months back and was able to quickly get it working on my site and love the results. I initially tried to install the Supergrid Block so I could utilize the shuffle feature. It refused to show any records, and I switched to a regular database feed using Supergrid settings to display records. Today just for fun I thought I'd give the Supergrid block another try. I added the Supergrid block underneath a database feed and the block worked! Zahzam! After fiddling with the block settings and getting the display set to my liking, I removed the database feed--and the Supergrid block display also stopped working. What what? I re-enabled the database feed for the time being until I figure out what I am missing here. Any suggestions? I am running ISP 4.3.3 and "Supergrid_3_0_for_IPS4_3_only."
    Well first I bought SuperDocs and it looked good for what I was trying to set up on my new IPS site. But then I thought SuperGrid might do the job even better so I downloaded it. For the past week I was having a heck of a time trying to make it work. Finally out of desperation I decided to start over and download a fresh copy SuperGrid and saw there was an update for IPS 4.33. That made all the difference. Quickly had SuperGrid displaying my articles the way I envisioned it from the start for my car club. I have a question. What triggers the shuffle of the records displayed by SuperGrid? A browser reload? The shuffle doesn't seem to be working for me. I'm using SuperGrid in an block template listing. Is there something else I need to do to get the records to be shuffled? I'd like to see the shuffle option in the articles listing as well. I'll be glad to change the star rating from 4 to 5 if I can get the shuffle issue solved. Otherwise nice download!
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