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  1. I was trying to use the CoD 4 protocol for WaW since they use pretty much the same engine, but it's not pulling any info
  2. Thanks for this! Also, is there an ability to take the application record and create a new topic, much like how creating a new Application behaves.
  3. Extra fields won't show up for me. The only thing that shows when a user attempt to make an application is the description box.
  4. @TheJackal84 I believe it was because I had a time restriction of an hour on it. I disabled it.
  5. 1 thing that has been brought up to me is member's can't change their team image, edit details or change the password for their team.
  6. @TheJackal84 works perfectly now 👍 Now I just got to figure out how to make it so when you make a Team, a forum group is made for you. Not sure how doable this is.
  7. I only edited the template to see if the button itself would show up. It seems it's not recognizing $tournament->canJoin, so the button won't show up. I currently have two teams created, one is owned by me and the other is owned by another account. When I've created a tournament, I've tried both adding my team first and the other team as well. While that team may be in the tournament, no one else can join with their team.
  8. https://gyazo.com/ed731c12db9ab685c2eafc0dd25a7f7c I don't know what else I can do. I did make it so the button appears without the IF statement by adding it on line 45. https://gyazo.com/876d5db35f29feed2b0497109176fcb1 @TheJackal84 I've been waiting to use this app for 2+ months. I could really use help with this.
  9. @TheJackal84 would you be able to look into why teams cannot join tournaments? I know I also asked about teams turning into member groups as well, but that is secondary. I really want this app to work, can't launch it on my site until it does.
  10. @TheJackal84 what was updated? It looks like the changelog is the same from the last update.
  11. @TheJackal84 bumping this as a reminder 😄
  12. Bumping my post from earlier about creating a member group when a team is created. Also, I'm experiencing a bug I guess? Whenever I create a tournament, I see no way to actually join the tournament. All the permission are checked for all of my groups but still no option. https://i.imgur.com/KSRZrU7.png https://i.imgur.com/wIgTm2n.png https://i.imgur.com/FT00Tip.png https://i.imgur.com/99dYiSH.png
  13. @TheJackal84 is there a way for a group to be created whenever a team is created?
  14. @Libter When enabled, if you toggle the See My Activity button then switch back it breaks the profile sidebar, showing only the default tab.
  15. On the second section, are the images supposed to rotate like that? I imagine it'd look cleaner if it was a carousel effect.
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