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  1. Can you guys extend the filter defence to the Support system? I keep receiving fake emails or promotional messages in russian and I don't know how to prevent them.
  2. Yes, I did Oh thank you! It cleared the theme cache and now it's working.
  3. Hello everyone! I recently changed domain to my community. Everything is fine so far besides that the Admin panel layout is half broken. What is happening is that the templates, keeps searching the "font awesome" packs from the old domain. Is there a way to reset the admin panel layout?
  4. Another bug: @Makoto unless you're admin with "*" as permissions, you can't see the "customization" menu. When I change the toggle in the "administrator" panel, nothing happens.
  5. I created a custom tag, and then I changed the title from "Example" to "Example 2", pressed save and nothing happened, the name remains "Example".🙂 Screen Recording 2020-11-09 at 10.36.22 PM.mov
  6. Does this work for support requests too? UPDATE: no this is just for registrable emails. Oh, that's good to know! I'll try that too, thank you so much!
  7. My website has been under attack by Russian bots for ages, they used to sent me like 10 emails each week. Now I enabled the "support" board in the commerce application, and those bots moved there. Is there any way to block emails + support request coming from specific domains like yandex.ru
  8. Thank you! I didn't know about that!
  9. What about Apple Pay for paying methods?
  10. Is there any way to set the sorting order of albums in all categories by "ID"? I made myself a custom converter from my old-website and imported all my albums keeping all their original IDs. On my previous platform all albums were sorted by "creation date", but now every time I upload something it comes on top as first, messing up all the chronological order. Any suggestions?
  11. Thank you very much. Where are these templates located?
  12. I tried it, but it simply doesn't not appear on my layout. If you inspect the page there is now sign of it, except in the source elements. This is what I see after adding the button. After the div there is just the following picture.
  13. Hello guys, I'm trying to modify my gallery theme. I just want to add a centred button under each photos. {{foreach $images as $image}} <li class='ipsGrid_span4 data-role='patchworkImage' data-json='{$image->json()|raw}'> <div data-grid-ratio='65'> <a href><img src=... alt='' class='cGalleryThumb'>&nbsp; </a> {{if $table->canModerate()}} [...] </div> <ul class='ipsList_inline ipsType_medium ipsClearfix'> [...] </ul> </li> <!-- WHAT I ADDED--> <li> <a href='www.google.com' class='ipsButton ipsButton_overlaid ipsButton_verySmall' title='ciao' data-ipsTooltip><i class='fa fa-download'></i></a> </li> {{endforeach}} what am I missing? do I have to create a custom css for it? Or maybe do I need to change the grid template?
  14. Thank you for your answer. I missed the 100 limit fix, but I'm glad it has been improved. I really love how the gallery works, but talking from my experience (I owned a Coppermine gallery since 2009): a lot of users are complaining about a low navigability across the pictures/album/categories. If you are scrolling a page while searching for a photo, it's really annoying that you have to go at the very top of the page to go back to the parent category. A simple "back (level up)" button on the corner would be very useful. Also I really think you should allow users to skip the single picture page. We have so many pictures that we don't care much about comments and ratings. It would be much quicker to click on the preview of a picture and immediately open the picture, maybe on a popup. As Joel said too, this is really something we miss very much since we left coppermine. We are re-uploading all our photos, and we are taking so much time to restore our albums. A simple improvement could be the option (maybe a checkbox) to skip the "details" box when you drag and drop your images. But in the end I really think an ftp connection for admins would simplify a lot everything. Thank you for listening, I love the website and I really hope to see these simple improvements very soon!
  15. I'm the owner of a very big gallery, with more than 500k photos an thosands of users. Some usefull features that I miss the most are: - add hotlink protection to images. If the album is restricted by a specific user group, direct link shouldn't work. - add download limit and max. size restriction to specific users. Also it would be cool to allow access to people who also have a certain number of posts in the forum (of corse for those who have the forums suite too). - remove the 100 pictures upload. Another huge features, could be the batch upload from a certain ftp server (maybe set up from admincp). Old platforms such as coppermine have this feature since ages, and it's easier and faster than drag-n-drop thousands of pictures.
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