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  1. Thanks so much for the quick response and for your help!
  2. I looked around on my admincp to see if this was possible but I couldn't find anything...are we able to the display custom items we create in the same place under the user info panel/postbit? Similar to how the trophies and medals application are displayed when purchased.
  3. Two quick questions. I just installed this and set it to have 4 badges displayed, however, there's a tiny bit of space in between each image. Is there a way to make them sit right against each other? And secondly, is there a way to hide the "View Badges" text under the badges in the user info panel/postbit? I don't use the badges the way a lot of other forums do so it's not something that's necessary for my site. Thanks!
  4. i'm using a custom theme but it still doesn't work on any theme i use, even the default IPB theme.
  5. hey, i just updated and i'm still unable to get videos to display in the sidebar on any theme. it will only show under the activity stream.
  6. When someone on the forum embeds a youtube link it doesn't let them center the video in the post with the text editor alignment tools. The only way I've been able to get it centered is to go into the source code and add <center>. Is there a way to get it centered without having to do that extra step?
  7. I don't mind a limit on the number displayed. Maybe options to set limits at different numbers? Like display 4, 8, 12, 18, etc.? And by random do you mean their display order is randomized? So if 4 are displayed and a user has 10 total it will randomly show any of the 10 at any moment in time in the spot? If so I think an option of randomization or a set order users chose would be a nice idea. I know some of my users would like it being randomized but I know others would like to display the items in a specific order. That's one of the minor issues we have with user Trophies&Medals as the custom items on our site. Users can't just arrange them to their liking.
  8. Yeah I'd like to have them in the user info panel. That's the only thing keeping me from buying it right now. I prefer to have the items displayed there if they're displayed in posts (which I like to do so my users can showcase what they have to everyone else). I'll be sure to keep on eye on this!
  9. can these gifts be displayed under the author info in posts like trophies and medals or is it just on the profile and under the signature spot?
  10. Is there a way to display the points in the post container/user info panel section? I know you have a separate plugin that has that feature among other things but I'm not looking to change anything about the look of my current author sidebar panel I just want to add in the points count. Is that possible?
  11. Hi I'm still having issues getting the video to display in sidebar block. It's not showing up no matter what theme I have set. I'm using the latest version. I even downloaded older versions and it didn't seem to be working with those either.
  12. awesome, thanks for the quick reply!
  13. Quick question. If I set a new order, will the first tab I set in that order be the one that shows up as the default page when users click on their profiles? For example, I basically want the About Me tab to be the page that opens when people click on profiles while right now it links to the Activity tab so if I set the order to have the About Me one first will it do that?
  14. Can you make it so that users can sell back medals/trophies they buy and recoup their points the same way they can sell back other items? I'm not currently seeing a way to do that.
  15. Is there a way to show the uploaded item image when browsing through shop categories? I want users to be able to see the item's image when looking through the shop without having to click on that specific item. Right now it's just a blank space unless there's no image uploaded for the item and it's just set up with font awesome icon.
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