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  1. Mike is there a way to implement a pay per view system, one of my customers has a series of videos and is looking for a place holder for his video's where the user can see a short 60 second clip and then if they want to watch the full video they sign in and pay via PayPal like say Vimeo only hosted on IPV using your video app I currently use your product and have his 60 second clips on my board but he has offered me a cut if i can make it work is it even possible?
  2. Anyone got any idea why this function is Jailed and I cannot edit?
  3. I have multiple calendars splitting events nationwide different events are shown on different pages, however today I noticed when i dragged a new upcoming events into a new page from the block manager I can no longer select the calendar I wish to show the events from whatever I try I cannot scroll through the calendars to choose the correct calendar, can anyone throw any light on this as its worked fine previously i recently applied the upgrade but cannot recall how long ago it was since i last dropped in this feature so cannot say if this is connected. I have added a screenshot below the edit block is clearly present but the scroll does not allow the edit even the scroll on the calendar list itself only gives me access to 2 of the calendars from about 12 it just seems like its bogged me out. Paul
    Worth every penny in my opinion, simple to install simple to use does exactly what it says on the tin, Brings a whole new dimension to a forum that uses visual content. If I could make it better I would add the ability to list any video in more than one category I cant see how I can do this at the moment without adding everything again. other than that superb add on thank you.
  4. Babble: Real Time Chat 2.6.0 @CodingJungle The new version 2.6.0 is running fine but when I click on pop-out button, it pops out but shows the background image of the theme (Magnum) behind the chat and it hides the view of some messages. Also, there is no settings that I could find to disable the background image in babble (except I have to disable the background image from theme's settings to remove it from the babble too). Perhaps, the babble pop-out page pulls the header from the default theme which is causing this issue. How to fix that?
  5. I love this plugin and what superb value for money well done opentype I have a question regarding the categories page is it possible to have small thumbnails along the bottom of each box to give some visual as well as the text listings to pretty it up.
    Does exactly what it says on the tin and more, Im new to all this was a bit stuck setting up didn't know how to install a TAR file but a little searching and all installed and configured. really impressed and amazed there is no price tag. Thanks guys awesome work Paul
  6. Joel I just tried to add the code button to my editor but its not available to add any sugestions
  7. !important added the above and it worked fine
  8. Hi Taman Im New to all this but loving the experience so far, however I have hit a small problem and I can't work out how to fix my issue I have a page for video's, how to video's to show our users some of the basics within our sport, I set up a page made the menu work so the drop down box lists the categories but on the page itself i'm stuck when i go to edit (i have set to 3 column) i have place holders for 3 video's but the next video is large is there a way I can have a block of say 3 video's wide, but 5 rows long I want to create a video wall. Sorry if my explanation is poor im still unsure of the tech terms for what I want, I have added an image below hopefully it will explain more Thanks in advance Paul
  9. CodingJungle The 2nd bit of code works fine and has stopped the long user names forcing two lines so thats a great help the first bit of code I cant seem to get to work I tried using exactly as above and tried bigger in case 350 is what the area is already set at so I would see a marked difference any suggestions?
  10. its always refreshing to see detailed solutions by the owners Thank you
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