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  1. Im trying to use a template from my app on a widget using this code: {template="homeArticles" app="myappname" location="front" group="myappname" params="$articles"} And for some reason it doesnt look for the template on the app, instead it tries to find the template under the core app.
  2. Can you show how you setup your twig? it looks really bad when I try to set it up
  3. After a member purchase and use a custom item his points doesnt get removed and he can spam buy the same item. Also marking the purchase awarded with a PM to the user from this modal Doesnt send the PM to the user.
  4. Good to know, anyway I prefer your solution, this field wont show for the users anywhere after registering.
  5. The field I need has to be on the registration form, I couldn't find how to do it. It worked, excatly what I needed, thanks!
  6. Hey, I want to add a field to the registration form, just a normal text field to add to the core_members table and I will use this field on my app, Its the first time Im using hooks for my app. I know I need to hook to this class \IPS\core\modules\front\system\register but I cant make it work. I dont know to which function adds the fields. Please help, Thanks.
  7. I Installed the mod and when trying to view the applications I see this table: And after filling the form once(not selecting in the options "Allow your members to apply only once") A todo tag instead of the apply button.
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