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  1. Im trying to use a template from my app on a widget using this code: {template="homeArticles" app="myappname" location="front" group="myappname" params="$articles"} And for some reason it doesnt look for the template on the app, instead it tries to find the template under the core app.
  2. Can you show how you setup your twig? it looks really bad when I try to set it up
  3. After a member purchase and use a custom item his points doesnt get removed and he can spam buy the same item. Also marking the purchase awarded with a PM to the user from this modal Doesnt send the PM to the user.
  4. Good to know, anyway I prefer your solution, this field wont show for the users anywhere after registering.
  5. The field I need has to be on the registration form, I couldn't find how to do it. It worked, excatly what I needed, thanks!
  6. Hey, I want to add a field to the registration form, just a normal text field to add to the core_members table and I will use this field on my app, Its the first time Im using hooks for my app. I know I need to hook to this class \IPS\core\modules\front\system\register but I cant make it work. I dont know to which function adds the fields. Please help, Thanks.
  7. Hi, after I upgraded my site to 4.4.3(I think its from this update) a few months ago where they changed the pages premissions, Admins on my site with limited premissions to pages couldn't manage the databases anymore, Before they could manage record and publish records from the AdminCP, Now the options doesn't show on the panel and when I give them unrestricted access to all the settings they can manage these databases. On the admin premissions they have everything for Pages: Am I missing something? Edit: They have access to these pages only if I send them direct link to the page, it doesnt show on then menus. Thanks
  8. Found it, how do I add it to the scheme so I can use it with the Member class?
  9. Hi, I want to add a column to core_members table to use in my app, How can I do it?
  10. Hi, My app has some content that loads with AJAX, this content needs to also work with javascript controllers and it doesnt. How can I reload my controllers so the AJAX loaded content js will work? Thanks
  11. Ihave a widget that uses javascript as part of an app. When I embed the widget on a module from my app I get the JS I included from the app. How can I include JS to the widget on different pages in the suite?
  12. Thats the code for the editor, I have a page with an editor loaded and working and if you do an action an ajax request loads another editor. the only simmilar thing is the editor name("comment") and the key.
  13. The editor works, it works also in the same page on the first content that loads without ajax. when new content is loaded with ajax the editor in the ajax content doesnt work.
  14. I'm working on localhost, no errors in console.
  15. I want to load an editor with an ajax request and when the ajax request is sent and the editor looks like this: How can I fix it? Thanks
  16. Hi, I have another question about this, I send a form with ajax with the forum and after the form is submitted I want to clear the forum name. if I use jquery and just do a value of 0 it doesnt update visually. How can I do it? Thanks
  17. what this line does? $content = \IPS\Text\Parser::parseStatic( $content, TRUE, NULL, $author, 'forums_Forums', TRUE, !(bool) $author->group['g_dohtml'] );
  18. Hi, I tried doing \IPS\forums\Topic::create() like you do when creating a post to a topic with \IPS\forums\Topic\Post::create() and it didnt work, I couldnt find the method in the method in the topic class. how can I create a topic? I have the target forum object and the topic content. Thanks
  19. I want to have the ability to quote and tag in the textarea.
  20. It worked, Thanks. one more thing, Do you know how I can change parts of the editor? I want to use the textarea only, no styling and attachments. And if its possible to do the forum select dropdown with a search like tags?
  21. Hi, I want to add a form element where you can select one forum from the forums like this one: How can I do this? Thanks!
  22. Hi, What class do I need to use for the hook? I'm trying to fix an old plugin that worked on version 4.1
  23. I know its possible with CSS, I want to add advertisements only to mobile users and with some ads I cant use this method.
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