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    Natea reacted to Charles in Support for PHP 5.4 ending soon   
    Actually we are saying you may be on a web host you should not use if they are still using PHP 5.4. But you can choose either way of looking at it  
    So do we! Actually it seems to work fine on PHP7 we just cannot officially say so yet without some third-party plugins getting updates.
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    Natea reacted to RevengeFNF in Support for PHP 5.4 ending soon   
    A suggestion:
    When people try to upgrade to 4.1.12 through ACP, it should check first if php is higher than 5.4. Some people download the files, uploads them, and then they cant upgrade.
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    Natea reacted to Sander Vancanneyt in PHP7 Compatibility   
    Seems like HTMLpurifier has added support for PHP7 in their development build (4.8.0):
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    Natea reacted to Ryan Boyd in Coming soon in 4.1.10   
    Good news!
    Best regards
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