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Coming soon in 4.1.10

We are wrapping up testing in preparation of version 4.1.10 release. This is a follow up to 4.1.9 which introduced a lot of great enhancements.

Changes in 4.1.10 include:

  • Instant notifications are now dismissible.
  • The sidebar has been added back to the Activity Stream pages.
  • You can now sort by most downloaded in Downloads app. 
  • The ModeratorCP and AdminCP IP Address Tools now allow you to track the IP addresses used to vote in polls.
  • A new setting has been added to disable the RSS feed for activity streams.
  • A new setting has been added to specify the minimum display name length.
  • Adds a new "can unban" moderator permission separate to the "can edit profiles" permission being used previously.
  • IP addresses now show in reports.
  • There is now a constant-level setting to disable the ACP IP address check in case of being locked out of the ACP.
  • Several improvements to Commerce to make some features clearer: the Shipping Rates configuration pages now indicate to the admin if a potential mistake has been made, the front-end indicates to admins if no support departments have been set up, and the renewal settings wording has been clarified.

And of course countless bugs fixed and performance enhancements. View our full release notes for more details.

If you are an existing IPS client and enjoy testing pre-release software, a beta release of 4.1.10 is available. We always appreciate help testing upcoming releases.

We are already well into development on 4.1.11 which include some larger feature changes and additions.

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