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  1. People brought up the contact us form spam. I don't know where to alter anything about that, but I thought it would be nice to put the message that all solicitations "by clicking send, agree to pay $1,000 US for each solicitation for work, products, services, or businesses opportunities." Yes that should be rewritten, I typed it out quickly. There are already people making side money by tracking down the people calling when they are on the do not call list, and suing them. At least in the US.
  2. Ah yes, I missed that. Thanks, that helps a lot. Do wish there was a way to just turn off all notifications for a member at one time, rather than select each and every item. Then fixing this requires me to log in as them to find the content, and remove it. My other option is to delete the member, and I am reluctant to do that.
  3. With moving to Amazon SES, I recieve messages when a member's email bounces. Most often it is someone who hasn't been on in over a year, so I get into their preferences and turn off their notifications. I also get messages about complaints. Recently I received a complaint about receiving email. But I see that I already turned off all their notifications and email in december. And yet they received an email of our "digest" of posts. This would be simple enough to delete this member, but I need to make sure it isn't emailing people who shouldn't be emailed. Not just the people who are no longer active members, but also the members who are active, but still turned off their email.
  4. Okay, thanks. Now how do I cancel the purchase? I see a "Void Account", but wasn't sure what action that would take. On the invoices I see "Cancel/Refund", but was worried that would refund the purchase.
  5. I sold an ad on my forum, and the ad has ended. It was set to automatically renew every month, and to stop it I had them cancel it on the PayPal side. I know it won't go through but I would like to be able to stop it from my side, and prevent an invoice from even going out and stopping it from trying to take a payment before the ad expires.
  6. Ah, I actually just found it, and haven't posted a response. Thanks for that. Apparently I did have the "invisible recaptcha" set up, but somebody got through sending me some porn spam. Thanks for the response. I found it under the Members tab or icon ► Content Moderation ► Spam Prevention, then chose the Captcha tab.
  7. Can you tell me where this is an option? On my system I don't see captcha or recaptcha as an option for the contact us form.
  8. I reluctantly created a politics sub-forum on my site, and the rules state that people can be banned from this section of the forum if they repeatedly violate the rules. Problem is, I don't know how to do that, or if it's even possible to block a member from a single section of the forum. I can think of a workaround, but a lot of work.
    I was stuck with version 3.x because there wasn't an update for the classified app I was using. With this new Classified app, I was able to finally update my forum. It looks so much better, and offers a few more options then I had before. I was able to install it, customize it, and get it up and running quicker than I anticipated. It didn't take long for people to start using it.
  9. New features are nice, but let's make sure we aren't getting distracted by bells and whistles, or shiny objects. Making things better, easier to use, quicker, more stable, great. But I want to make sure they aren't just adding in things just to say they did. "More is not better, better is better." - Attributed to about 30 different people
  10. I created a temporary forum myself for classified, but it pretty much works just like a normal forum. I have pre-purchased the one by Adriano above. It is the 3rd party solution. There was a version in the previous version of IP Boards, but isn't compatible with the current version of the board, and the author is too busy to update it. But I think the new one by Adriano is looking much nicer.
  11. Ah, I understand about the beta. So I will wait until it is available. I have no problem pre-purchasing it, as long as I know when the full version will be out. And yes I am aware this is not an upgrade or update to the other Classified app. I'm just searching for a replacement. I didn't expect any of the ads to transfer over. I did look at sales portal pro, but not sure if it is what I need. If I understand it, it looks more like an ebay type of addon, and that is not what I am looking for. I don't want to end up the middle man in transactions, and have to help resolve disputes. (I think I might have a solution for that though.) I will wait as long as possible, but since they removed support for anything under 4.0, if my site runs into any glitches, I will probably just upgrade. (No issues yet.)
  12. Sure, I'd like that. I will say that I haven't upgraded to 4 yet. The classified section on my site is the only thing holding me back from upgrading, so once the beta is available, I will first upgrade, then add the beta. I will have to let the members know that it is in beta so they are aware of the possibility of bugs, and to send me any issues so I can pass them on to you. Thanks. Also is this post good enough, or do you want a PM?
  13. Hey Adriano, any updates? Are you still on track for July 23rd?
  14. I just took over a board hosted on Invision Power, but the domain is held by GoDaddy. So now I need to create an email to manage the forum, and would like to have a domain email. I don't know how to create an email address, or where/how to access it. Attempting to create something at GoDaddy, they need to connect to the host, and I can't figure that out. Does IP even host email? And if so how do I access it?
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