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  1. yeah, I plan to uninstall it and get a better version if someone has it. But just to let you know that it still works.
  2. Update: @Miss_B and I were trying to figure the issue and found this app is conflicting with other plugins on my site. And that's the reason we can't use it for now. The plugin called "Total Time Spent Online" by @Adriano Faria is conflicting with @Miss_B's "Advanced Fake Members Online System" app. Advance Fake Members works fine with the latest Invision Power Board as of August 8, 2021. But beware that it won't work if you have any other plugins on your site that is related to online members (extensions) I am hoping there is a fix for this in the future. I am not sure who's app or plugin is gonna be fixed but these two things are clearly conflicting each other. For now, I am not using either app.
  3. I almost rated this app 1-star because it doesn't work. Then here I found a support page for it, so I hope to get support before giving a review. Here is my problem: This app doesn't work on the latest IPS as of August 7, 2021. Every time I added a fake member, my site won't work, and server CPU usage skyrocket to max. There must be an error or a loop in the code that causes this. I can't believe it's currently available for download on the latest version if it doesn't work. At first I thought there was an attack to my site, luckily the time expired for the fake online member, and my site is back online, then I added a fake member again (didn't know that was the cause of high CPU usage), then the problem goes back again. No one can enter my site. Luckily I was still one browser tab where I can delete the fake member on, I just clicked on it, and keeps loading, but it went thru, the fake member has been deleted, and my site goes back online.
  4. Cach Doan


    Hello Anh I've been watching a lot of show on my site, but I always end forgetting what partI watched haha. My last suggestion I hope it's going to be implemented soon so I know exactly what episode I am on. Anyway, I have more suggestion just in case you wanna put it in your future update too.. Lots of my members also want the following: 1. The ability to download subtitle. (We currently can download only video by right clicking on the video and click "save as" -- all of my video are hosted on third party site and we use direct link on videobox) that's why my member can download so easy. that's ok, we allow member to download. But they also want to download the subtitle, and there's no way for them to download it easy unless they inspect the page. So let's add a way to download the subtitle too? I guess? 2. Add a way to skip video or rewind by 10 seconds like Netflix. There's no need to rush... Take your time. I know you have a lot of things to do. I know you're very busy. But maybe in 3 months, I hope you can do those hehehe.
  5. Thank you so much! I usually installed the updates directly on the Admin Panel so this doesn't show up.. I just realized when I searched for this app on here it hasn't been updated yet πŸ™‚ Now I understand why. I'll be patience and wait πŸ™‚
  6. @Adriano Faria Codes n Vouchers Adding a code/voucher in the member shop throws me this error. This error only happens after I upgrade to the latest IPS 4.6.2 -Can this be fixed soon? Or how to fix this problem?
  7. Hello. I know The TheJackal84 is leaving IPS and that now @Adriano Faria is supporting this app. I know the developer is very busy, so I don't expect any fix to this soon. I appreciate all the time the developer put into this. @Adriano Faria if you are reading this, thank you very much. Don't worry, I can wait until you're free ☺️ - I am just sharing experience so this app could be improve in the future. There is a problem with the odds of this blackjack game. In the real world, The dealer should win more than the player. But for some reason, I keep seeing player wins more than the dealer. I will start to post screenshot of my table stats once in while in this support topic to share with you guys how likely is the player is going to win a hand or if the table could take back the points from the players or not. Perhaps there is a pattern of the card generator that needed a fix. Also I notice that I made one table for a player, and only this sole player plays on that table. The player won over 500Points but the table stats said this... How in the world this table made a negative profit of 143, and this players won over 500. Where does the point came from... Having that said I think I should try one more time, resetting the table, and let this player plays again and will post another stats of it. First Update: Created a new table from fresh start, and try to play on it with starting points: 500 Points After playing for a while randomly without any strategy. I end up losing 35 points. According to the table, I have 465 left. That's correct. According to my profile I have 465. That's correct. Now, according to the Table Stats, the table made a profit of 45 points but I lost only 35 points. I checked the stats every game I played. And I found out that the difference started to happen is when I buy "Insurance" on a hand. So I think when I buy insurance, the player didn't really pay the dealer for the insurance, yet the TOTAL profit for the table increased. Second Update: Yes, it is really the insurance button that is causing the problem. When the player bought insurance is when it started to mess up with the backstage Stats of the table.
  8. @Adriano Faria The lottery has bug. Someone have won, but no Point are is added. I notice only the jackpot point is added to the jackpot winners, but not the other match won.
  9. Cach Doan


    @onlyME has the best support of all seller in the IPB Marketplace. Anyway, Is there a way to hide our external link in video? Like user can right click on page and see the source code and get the URL of our external video. I notice that JWPlayer is able to hide this info.
    This app is amazing. I really want more games like this on my site as my members enjoyed spending their earned points. Update: @Adriano Faria I would like to report a bug. Players are found cheating by opening the same blackjack table in multiple tabs on their computer. For example, a player has 50 Points. This player can open 10 tabs. Each tab will give them 50 points to play with. The player then can play 10 tabs at the same time using the same 50 Points. Let's say the player bet 50 Points on each browser tab. And if the player lost all 10 tabs, their points will be negative 500. This is not fair and it could actually ruin the whole point system. It's because if the player's score become negative from the first browser tabs, he shouldn't be able to keep playing with another tabs to regain the points back to above ZERO. Please fix and update as soon as possible because it cause problem with our point system.
  10. I wonder when do we have an update for this plugin?
  11. Yeah I did installed the Redis server directly from SSH. - And I also enable it and verified it being active. I guess I will just have to restart APACHE/NGINX once my site's traffic becomes lower at night time. Thank you for your help. I would update in this topic again once it's resolved. Thank you. I didn't realize this one is exposed. I will definitely delete the screenshot once the problem is resolve or not resolve within a few days right now.
  12. I need first to select the Redis Cache option first , then I click save, then it ask me to download constant.php, However, if I don't select Redis first, and just click save, and download the constant.php and upload it to the root directory of IPB, then nothing really happens. I can't click on the Redis option because it's grey-out.
  13. Hi I've done every step needed to be done in order to enable Redis server and Redis PHP extension on my server. However, the option is still grey-out. I am not sure what's I am missing? I am using Centos Web Panel to host this. I am using nginx -> apache -> php-fpm (version 7.4) as my web server. I have set my Php-fpm 7.4 settings to enable redis extension. I have already restarted the redis service and also restart PHP. yet this option is still grey-out. Screenshot of grey-out Redis option:
  14. Hello Why I can't see member page? If this is a bug I am reporting it so that it will be fix in the next update. Here is the video of the problem. As you can see, if I want to search for a certain member to make them moderator of a club, I can't, because i can't see all the members.
  15. Is this the setting where I should use? Seems like there is no effect at all. This is the theme I'm using, https://www.ipsfocus.com/themes/carbon/ They said it is compatible. I guess I will have to report it to them now. If anyone knows how to fix this let me know.
  16. I think this problem is related to the tag color, can we change? it and how?
  17. Hello I just upgraded to IPS 4.5.2 However, upon creating a topic, and entering a tag, I see these color, it's so hard to see, is there a way to change this color? I notice that the color of the text is default to IPS, only the color of the background is related to the theme. I can't seen to find a way to change the color of the text in my theme setting.
  18. Hello, There is an option for posting limits like below. When I imposed this limit in my forums. Some member reached their limit. My question is... What time does my member can post again after they reached this limit? Is it 12:00AM my server time? or is it 12:00AM their time? Or it is has to pass the time of the first post out of the 100 posts that cause the limit? I really hope they don't have to wait 24 hours! Thank you. Please let me know the answer. I want to use this features because apparently some members spam so much to get promoted to the next group because my forum pays members who got to a certain group.
    Hello, why my members can't turn off the chat sound in the private member chat? I also noticed that even if It turned it off, it still doesn't turn off. Overall, great app for my forums and my members are happy. It's just that that's annoying to keep hearing the sound even when we try to turn it off.
  19. Hello I notice that I am only allowed to use Amazon S3 as my third party storage. But I find out that Amazon S3 is quite expensive to use especially in a high traffic community. Since there are many third party object storage service out there, it would be nice to be allowed to to use them too. Currently, there is a solution for this by using this plugins: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8767-s3-compatible-downloads/ However, there is a problem with this plugins as it marked all of my private files as public. I am hoping the next invision powerboard updates will fully support S3 Object Storage from any third party service provider.
    It does log users with a the same device using cookies. Sending PM doesn't work. I keep trying and I don't know how to make it works. I am hoping to also get feature that logs users with the same IP in an alternate tab. Because some user can just create another account using a different browser and it does not log. We know that different visitors can have the same IP due to VPN nowadays, but not someone who just got banned and another user joined right away but with the same IP and then it is not logged by CJ Duplicate Logger.
  20. Hi Is there a way to make private messages to show newest first? Every time someone sent me a message, I have to click the last page to see their newest message. Do you know what I am talking about? This is waste of bandwidth of there is no option to choose private message to show newest first. I can't seem to find the option to fix this in the admin panel. Perhaps maybe this should be included in the next update? I think it will be a useful fix...
  21. Update: The problem has been resolved. But I still don't the know the exact problem. What I did was I deleted the conf_global.php and then it prompt me to reinstall a fresh copy of the forums. I-reinstalled a fresh copy of the forums and then after that I go to PhpMyAdmin and then import the back-up database (Since it asked me to use a new database to install a fresh copy). and it works. Weird... But that was my solution.
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