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  1. I've tested and it's work only if all groups are allowed in 'Groups allowed to see the countries flags' If all group are not selected, the member option for not displaying flag does not work It's not a problem for me, but if another customer have this problem, enable all group and the option will work. Thanks a lot.
  2. Yes i can test, sorry i was not available last days.
  3. The bug is strange. When the option is checked, i can't see my flag, but i can see other flags. On your screen, there Only Adriano User. I'm the Caez User. One of screen with "See others flags" checked, and other with the option unchecked
  4. Since the last upgrade, the "view other flag" have not effect. I have tested with the default theme and i can see other flags
  5. Yes it's option on Account Settings Thanks
  6. Hello, I have 2 small bugs If View members flags is unchecked by a member, the option is checked again on the next open of the setting (The value on the db stay ) If all group are not allowed to see flags, the option "View members flags" disabled does not work. the condition on the display function is not correct there no () for the OR condition.
  7. No i'm not using 4.6 at this time, i need to test it.
  8. There are 2 actions: Remove the participant Delete Message I send death threats The person receiving the message alerts the message to decide to file a complaint The creator, removes the second participant and deletes the conversation. There is no longer any trace, the message is permanently lost and the alert no longer has the content of the message. The problem is that the private message creator decides the future of the message arrived at its destination. It's own the Private conversation and can permanently delete it at any moment.
  9. The problem if not if the only participant would like to delete the mp It can be a legislative issue but generaly if the 2 members delete the message the wouldn't like to attack the other member The problem is the creator of the topic which can decide to remove the private message of another member - Remove it from conversation remove the message on the other inbox - Delete from it's inbox launch a permently deleted
  10. In the reality no, the creator can delete the message. Create a message to member2 Member2 have the message You can delete the message and the Member2 have the message on the Inbox but it can't answer Create a message to member2 Member2 have The message Remove Member2 of the conversation Delete the message --> Number of participant = 0 -> The delete function is called -> The message is permently deleted Member2 don't have the message I've juste sent you a message
  11. Hello Actually it's possible for the creator of the private message to delete the sent message to the database even if the receiver would like to keep the message; The person receiving the message no longer has any trace of it. As if the sender of an email could delete the email at its destination. Private messages can be used for threats or for even more problematic content The person receiving a message must have the choice to keep or not the conversation. Ideally, we should allow a virtual deletion as for the posts and subjects that we could delete with the desired delay. There is still the is_deleted flag in the database which is no longer used, it could be used in this context. In my case I actually delete the messages after the minimum delay required by the legislation of my country.
  12. I have disable it and no problem I have the default message if ipb.
  13. No problem since the upgrade. Thanks a lot.
  14. I've updated the shop. I tell you if i have any error. Thank you for your support
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