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  1. The recent submission of the 2.2.0 final release was unfortunately not approved, because it wasn’t following our marketplace guidelines .
  2. Just to avoid some further confusion:) There was actually a bug which was resolved for 4.6 where the digests weren't stopped by this link.
  3. Hi, Do you mean real apiendpoints using the IPS REST API or regular own controllers inside app/modules/front/... ? If the latter, then you can use the Application::allowOfflineAccess method to control if the specific page should be accessible even in offline mode. /** * Can view page even when site is offline * * @param \IPS\Application\Module $module The module * @param string $controller The controller * @param string|NULL $do To "do" parameter * @return bool */ public function allowOfflineAccess( \IPS\Application\Module $module, $controller, $do )
  4. That's intentional, IN_DEV uses the applications/x/dev/lang.php files You'll have to enable this via the DEV_USE_FURL_CACHE constant You an disable this by setting the IN_DEV_STRICT_MODE constant to false.
  5. No We're providing a list of all changes incl. BC breaks once we release the first BETA version.
  6. I guess that's the problem then 😉 You'll need the dev files for all installed apps and plugins
  7. We have removed the CSRF key in many areas for 4.6 . Not sure about the filters
  8. We have fixed here few issues for an upcoming release:)
  9. Please submit a ticket so that we can take a look at this.
  10. We have changed this recently, https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/460587-new-marketplace/?do=findComment&comment=2846304
  11. Have you banned gmail? Review your ban filters in your ACP => Members => Ban Setting
  12. Sounds like an issue with URL rewrites. Review your SEO settings in the ACP and make sure that the 4.5 htaccess file is present in the communities root directory.
  13. Does the user have permissions to edit the blog?
  14. Do you have any examples so that we can clean this up?
  15. You could probably use our live meta tags editor https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/promotion/seo-r295/ to add your custom og:image files https://developers.facebook.com/docs/sharing/webmasters/getting-started/basic-link/
  16. There's a separate tab to manage categories on the "edit blog" page.
  17. You can use the IPS REST API Ikey endpoint , but you can also just use the http://www.example.com/applications/nexus/interface/licenses/?ENDPOINT URL. We've covered this in our guides
  18. Keep in mind that the list can depend based on a users permissions, also any addition plugins or apps could change the options, so instead of using a theme hook for this, I would suggest to hook into the applications/core/extensions/core/Notifications/BulkMails::configOptions method 🙂
  19. No they're not. They can share their own applications, plugins, themes and translations wherever they want.
  20. Have you moved it probably to a sub director?
  21. What browser are you using? It's working fine for me with the iPhone and safari (same with the carousels on https://invisioncommunity.com/files/ ) That said, there was a bug where the carousel wouldn't work in the sidebar which should be resolved in an upcoming release.
  22. Absolutely 🙂 Just get the position of the element you want to scroll to via .offset() https://api.jquery.com/offset/ 😉 Something like following code should work: $('html, body').animate({ scrollTop: $("#yourElemSelector").offset().top });
  23. They were not approved because they didn't follow the marketplace guidelines (The last submission was still altering IPS core database tables)
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