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  1. @Matt looks great, but I'm equally interested in options in the Visibility tab. I've been waiting for these two: Show only for these groups... Must be logged in (on/off; show/hide whether a member is logged in or not)
  2. Anyone? It should be as easy as using the Menu editor to add links to the Footer area.
  3. I've implicitly asked for this in my Reply to Post Notifications feature request, where I take this one step further by allowing recipients of notification emails to reply and the contents of the reply will go to a configured forum. www.clubexpress.com supports this, and while its software is inferior I am losing membership and activity to communities being built over there.
  4. I concur. Maybe you can add your voice to the Blog disappointment thread in the Ideas section.
  5. I want to share my disappointing experience as well. I have waited years before attempting to dig into the Blog feature. Having just done so, and having WordPress experience, I am now very disappointed. The basics are not available: Minimum Viable Product Filtering entries by Tags Filtering entries by Year/Month Invision opportunity Enabling and enforcing common tags across multiple authors/blogs Filtering, using common tags, across multiple authors/blogs Defects are cheapest and easiest to find upfront, and the situation strikes me as something that should have been given a bit more thought up front. When the Blog feature was first thought of, what criteria for success was identified? Given that Invision is all about communities, this criteria should have included something community-oriented that would otherwise differentiate Invision Blogs from what would be available in a do-anything-you-want WordPress Blog/site. By this I mean the "Invision opportunity" items above. It would be most appreciated by the community to see some sort of official statement regarding the Blogs roadmap at this point.
  6. I am losing membership because groups are going to www.clubexpress.com where they support web-based and integrated email discussions. They've been able to successfully convert Yahoo! and Google mailing lists to their forum. Question: What is required to allow recipients of forum notifications in email to reply and then have their email show up as a real forum post? I know this is dinosaur stuff, but it's what people are used to...
  7. The functionality of the Activity Stream filter is great, no complaints, but the resulting output wastes a lot of space in my case. See the attached screenshot. I request that the area highlighted in yellow be collapsed/hidden by default (or setable as such in settings somewhere). I think most users set-and-forget and would appreciate less noise on the page in most cases. www.canardzone.com/forums Thanks, Jon
  8. Thanks, I found it, purchased and installed in our forum and is working great! www.canardzone.com/forums
  9. I don't see where I can download the hook. Is it still downloadable?
  10. I just upgraded from IPB 3.x to 4 and this is my first question of the marketplace as well. I will definitely buy the upgrade for version 4. Thanks, Jon
  11. It's been "temporary" for well over a month and also appears to be the reason why prior posts are less-than-readable in places as well (which is permanent). It's not temporary when you're trying to research, learn, or expand the use of the IPS suite of products for one's own customers and have deadlines and are reminded of it every single visit no matter how many days off one takes from this site. I'm not alone with this, and others are worried about being kicked off this forum or have their client "privilege" revoked if speaking up.
  12. All of the testing Brandon mentioned should have been done outside of these community-driven forums, which I would hope you recognize as extremely important and critical to the success of the software and the overall community involved (existing clients, developers, users, and prospective clients). The forums are now painful to use, even to read. By considering this production support/community forum as a test environment IPS has nearly destroyed the usefulness of prior posts by rendering them nearly unreadable, and leaves me feeling like an unwilling guinea pig. ​I don't disagree; that's how production commercial software is expected to be delivered. I respectfully disagree. Do you think it's good to trash these forums so that years of community-driven information becomes difficult to read ("painful" as others have said)? What is good and efficient about most all posts becoming unreadable with BBCode littered throughout? Attached is an example of what once was a nicely ordered bulleted list. ​With all due respect, consider doing your clients, company, and software a favor by not using those words ever again. "If you have always done it that way, it's probably wrong." - Charles Kettering. Google: "that's the way we've always done it" Dilbert
  13. Ignore my code change mentioned -- it's wrong. I reverted to your original code in that section and everything works fine now. Sorry. Thanks again! The look and feel is so much better with this small adjustment.
  14. Fantastic! I just added to my board and is working wonderfully. I changed "All" to "Show All" (for now) and made just a slight change to the code (moved the 'click' inside the 'then' block): if($(this).hasClass('tab-all')) { cats.show(); tl.first().trigger('click'); } else { $(this).parent().parent().parent().find('#'+catId+'').show(); } Otherwise I think the other tabs never work (?) Thank you Santa!
  15. I do not agree with the decision to regard an important resource and entire community (these support forums and those using them) to be a 'test bed'. Whatever the reasoning, the results are in black and white. As a customer I am disappointed and frustrated at the moment.
  16. ​I would very much appreciate it Tom. In addition to the functionality, 'All' would be more intuitive for members (see pic). You know how confused they get ;-) I've seen a few other's asking for this and I'm sure many others would appreciate.
  17. Well, yes, technically speaking. ​It's also better if they don't launch any nuclear weapons. My production forum will not have this software until it's ready, no matter how the test phase is done...
  18. ​Design for speed, sure, but until the functionality is solid do not release in a production environment (yes, THIS is a production environment!)
  19. Based on how the forum Conversion went from 3.x to 4.0 here along with the "healthy" bug list for IPS4, it's going to be a long while before I'm brave enough to upgrade to 4.0. How much for 'All' in 3.4.7? Please...
  20. I do not understand why IPS had to "upgrade" these production forums rather than do so in a test conversion in a test environment. Considering the decimation of content, this was a mistake in my opinion and sends the message to the world "this is what our stuff looks like, like it?" These forums were not ready for the move and whatever benefit was imagined from doing the "upgrade" brings little to the client community. Anyway, the issue is that the Downloads/Files/Marketplace and most all legacy topics/posts are absolutely painful to use. Regards, Jon core_member_rank_45 (?!) unable to set a real profile signature
  21. Tom, this is a great addition, thank you! Can you please share the code that would allow for the 'All' tab as shown on your demo?
  22. Very nice. I would expect captions like 'bw_menu_featured' (throughout) to become English-worded captions at some point. Also, will the Magic Block size be definable? It would be nice for that to have some default options, such as 50% width, etc., for non-programmers.
  23. The only way to get the Search to perform on more than a single word is to go into advanced mode and select "Any words", which does not provide good results. Try searching for relevant topics using "empty blocks" (without the quotes). See you in an hour after you give up or get tired reading 95% of unrelated search results. Rhett, this should be a very high priority issue at IPS as otherwise left as-is it has decimated the value of these support forums.
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