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  1. On 11/23/2019 at 12:03 PM, Logan0 said:

    I am having a problem sending a message to the chatbox when a member joins. I'm running IPS 4.4.8 using Chatbox+ 2.0.1 and the updated auto welcome from Oct.


    The Send message to chatbox Toggle switch is greyed out.

    Any help would be appreciated.




    I use the Auto Welcome to create a new topic in a Welcome forum then add that to the list of chosen forums where new topics are then posted to the Chat app.

  2. On 7/22/2019 at 3:46 PM, Midnight Modding said:

    Also, I don't think I added in ties/draws yet, but I am planning to do that, too, so will just have to see if it will be done in the very first release or not. Since he paid me to be working on it, I'm being sure it works how he needs first and then seeing how long I have toa dd more in before releasing soon.

    I'm glad we will get to use a pick'ems app for this coming sports season.  While there are ties in other sports there are none in hockey.  

    I have one suggestion to include on the pick'ems app if possible and that would be a final score prediction.  If the member guesses correctly to the outcome of the game they migh earn an additional amount of points.   For example 1 point for the win and 2 additional points for the exact score.   Would something like this be easy enough to add into the app? 

    Also will we be able to set up  some sort of variable points system where the manager sets up how many points are earned for specific games.  For example... most games earn 1 point, but the game of the week earns 3 points for the correct answer.

    I think these additions might make a straight up pick'ems more interesting. 


  3. On 5/17/2019 at 11:17 AM, RLPVT said:

    So how many people would be interested if we get this updated for this type of pick em for the latest version of Invision forums?

    A few I have spoken with are debating building a separate one like this and I would like to see all the interested parties if we could get this built by before football season kicks off. would you be willing to pay for it again since this one is now dead?



    I'd still have an interest, but use for hockey and not football.  I currently use a manual scoring via google docs and using clubs with a best answer format.  It works, but I'm sure an app like the original would be better.

  4. Hello.  

    Upgraded to 1.0.3  -- Online list now are working for me.   Newest posts at the bottom are working, but the scroll bar is needing to be dragged to the bottom to see the newest post after each post or refresh.  Can that be fixed?    Thanks 

  5. Hello,

    I purchased and uploaded, made a couple of chat rooms but I am not seeing any users online when we are present.   

    How can I adjust to making the post box areas much smaller and increase the container size so that we can see more posts at one time.   Also, will there be a feature to have the newest post at the bottom instead of the top?


  6. 2 hours ago, BomAle said:

    I stopped support for all my files

    This is unfortunate, I hope all is ok.  The chatbox extender is a very useful plugin with the Chatbox.  Will anyone else be taking this plugin over for support ?

  7. I basically did this via member groups.   My members post on the site with a basic set of posting settings.   Supporting Members have enhanced posting settings along with other some other perks via plugins or apps for an annual fee/donation via subscriptions.   

    A few members I then manually change their member group to a "Supporting Member"  as they may support the site in other means vs financially.    These members are not managed via subscriptions but can be via member groups.

  8. Hello,

    I was wondering if it would be possible to re-create the "Awards" page be more informative.

    For my Awards page and I generally have 1 award type per category as I manually give awards for yearly champions of the various games played on the site. 

    Thus my main Awards page looks like:  

    Game A  1 award

    Game B   1 award

    Game C    1 award

    One currently needs to click on each Award category to see who all has won this award.  Instead of this format would it be possible to see the total number of members awarded for each category?  

    Thus it would the page might look instead like...  (Then if one clicks on (6 awards) we can see the list of all members receiving that award category.)

    Game A    6  awards

    Game B    10 awards

    Game C     8 awards


    Multiple Awards in a Category could be indented like this

    Game A         6 awards

         --Game Aa      3 awards

         --Game Ab      3 awards

    Game B                 10 awards

    Game C                   8 awards

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