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  1. After uppdating the theme, users dont have options to change colors. ACP: plz help
  2. kefalo


    Yea, that solved problem. Ty 🙂
  3. kefalo


    I have problem to show stream from twitch.
  4. Hello, Its works, ty! 😁
  5. Hello, i em using 2 templates on my site, one is white and other one is dark. Background on white template in article in ok. But i have problems with dark template background in article is white. When i change color to dark background in article, is stupid when somebody use white theme. Is it possible to change this do theme default color?
    Perfect widget, great and fast support.
  6. Hello, is it possible to change text and image size?
  7. Ok, ty. Is it possible to add random news?
  8. I wont to change setting like image size. And that is not possible on block...
  9. Under plugins i dont have edit button to edit setting on plugin. Why that?
  10. Hello, is it possible to add image on Subcategories in news?
  11. kefalo


    IP.Board Message Warning: The skin set you are attempting to import was created for IP.Board 3.3.4. You are currently running IP.Board 3.4.6. You can continue but the skin may have errors or missing functionality. can i use it on 3.4.6?
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