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  1. Why not using one of the group's privacy settings to filter groups that can be used ? This can be useful have some restricted group with limited feature, in combination with commerce this can be great ! Otherwise, great improvements !
  2. And what's about group's name when multiple language are defined ? Currently, if without correct language (and even sometimes with correct one) it can return something like that : { "id": 3, "name": "77b67ab3dd272b3ff2a8480c3eedce71", "formattedName": "<span style='color:#105289'>77b67ab3dd272b3ff2a8480c3eedce71<\/span>" } It might be a good idea to make group name to default language in case of error instead of returns this kind of string
  3. TLeM4

    New: Clubs

    I'm sorry that it's so confusing. I was talking about clubs/collabs categories not categories inside each app of the clubs/collabs
  4. TLeM4

    New: Clubs

    Yes. There was some comments few days ago about similarities between clubs and the application of @Kevin Carwile. The only things that seems to be different is that Group collaboration application support categories and clubs doesn't seems to allow that (for now).
  5. I've check chmod/chown : no any difference with other files. However i've done more tests and i have some more information : it seems that song download doesn't work for any file (0 bytes files for download for all) Other test very useful : m4a song with mp3 extension are played, and mp3 song with m4a extension are not played ! You will see that on my website, i send you account & url in PM
  6. Sorry, but with more and more test with the simplest file name a can try, i'm not able to play any other files than mp3. Moreover, in browser developer's console, there are a 403 Forbidden error reported on And this is an official .m4a song file. Other information : All these files are impossible to download (0 bytes files appear on download)
  7. Hi, @onlyME I've just install musicbox. First, great work ! Second, sorry but i've found few bugs : The wide side audio playing works well if we go outside musicbox app (with, i know the little cut), but if we return back again in musicbox with a song playing, the song disappear from the player and of course, stop. I've tried to upload some m4a files encoded with ffmpeg, that works well with most player, but doesn't work with this player (song attached) As a workaround i've tried to use custom field to add a "high quality download" file to be able to give audio on th
  8. Is anyone still interested in a way to hide chosen groups to be displayed on advanced search ? I've made an export of IPS default template witch I've made some changes allowing to hide chosen groups from admin panel group's settings.
  9. Hi everyone, i'm also interested by an option like that. I find the way to temporarily solve the problem, with just some templates customization. But, if i can find a solution in few time, without special knowledge of IPS development, i think it will be really fast for IPS team, and makes some customers really happy
  10. I have something wrong with collab, with the sitemap generator task : Fatal error: Access to undeclared static property: IPS\core\Statuses\Status::$containerNodeClass in /[path-to-ipb]/init.php(426) : eval()'d code on line 65 As long as Collab is installed i have that error, as soon as Collab is removed (not just disabled), the error disapear... Small point : Because the last update with chat break the community, this is a clean install (with just some settings set).
  11. Hi kevin, i find some little bugs on Collab The first is verry little : the settings "Show in navigation?" in application menu doesn't seems to work for Collab I say that because as i don't need the category system i wish to hide the tabs and provide a direct link to the only one category. The seconds is last week when i was creating a model, the "parent" list in forum doesn't work, but i don't know it this bug is still present in that version. TLeM4
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