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New: Gallery improvements

This is an entry about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release

We are happy to introduce several changes to our Gallery application to both refine the existing capabilities and to introduce new useful functionality; particularly for Albums.

We have clarified how to submit images directly to a category on the first step of the upload form in Gallery.


Clarification for submitting directly to a category

When submitting images to the Gallery, a simple "Add more images" button has been added to the wizard. While it has always been possible to add more images by dragging and dropping them on to the upload area, or by clicking the "Choose files" button again, the addition of this button should help add some clarity for users who overlooked these capabilities.


A new "Add more images" button makes adding additional images easier

Applying the same details to all of the images you are submitting has been made much simpler. When you begin entering the details for the first image, you can specify a template to use for the caption name leveraging a special replacement "%n". A small help icon next to the caption field label explains how to use this capability. When you are done supplying the details, you can click "Copy details to all images" and your submission will start instantly, using all of the details supplied for the image you are editing. You can quickly set tags, an image description and a caption name template (for instance "Aquarium %n") to all images using this new capability, useful when submitting 50+ images at once. Of course, you can still supply the details for each individual image as well, if you wish.


Submitting a lot of images at once has been made easier

In addition to improvements for submitting images, albums have been updated to include many new features, including:

  • Commenting
  • Reviews
  • Reactions
  • Messages
  • Featuring
  • Hiding
  • Locking
  • Reporting
  • Searching

A new Gallery widget (sidebar block) to show albums anywhere throughout the Community Suite has been added as well.


Album overview page

Going along with these changes, we've improved how groups of images that are submitted to an album are handled in searches. If you submit multiple images to an album, you will only see the album listed in activity streams, and similarly if you follow a bunch of images in an album these are grouped as well, making activity streams more useful and easier to follow.


Activity streams have been updated as well

The changes to albums and image submissions will simplify your users' interaction with Gallery in 4.2, and make submitting images and new albums, and working with those albums more useful and robust.

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