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  1. With my ip I use it purely for a hobby bird keeping forum with many of our members also being members on Facebook groups. The only in favour comments I get about using Facebook is "its easier to post videos". My members are constantly just using the file upload feature so whoever wants to view the video first has to download it. I quite often mention the benefits of first uploading the videos to such as Youtube then posting the link but very few seem to like the idea or maybe they just find it too much of an obstacle as they have to spend time uploading it first. I have also mentioned that posting the video in the gallery works like Facebook, however not many use the gallery and prefer to post photos etc. within posts. The problem we have is limited server resources being a free forum so having the option of videos opening like Facebook after a simple upload means our costs will rocket.
  2. Thanks rayzir has worked out quite well. {{if \IPS\Theme::i()->logo['front']['url'] !== null }} {{$logo = \IPS\File::get( 'core_Theme', \IPS\Theme::i()->logo['front']['url'] )->url;}} <a href='{setting="base_url"}' id='elLogo' accesskey='1'><img src="{$logo}" alt='{setting="board_name" escape="true"}'></a> <span style="display: inline-block; max-width: 600px; padding-left: 10px;"><div align="center"><font color="#FFfff" size="2">A British bird keeping website<br>for the breeding’ & exhibiting’ of <br> British Hardbills & Softbills<br> Mules & Hybrids Canaries & Related Species</span> {{else}} <a href='{setting="base_url"}' id='elSiteTitle' accesskey='1'>{setting="board_name"}</a> {{endif}} I have kept it on the left at the side of the logo, have included a bit of html code to it. This also aligns on mobile version too. Thanks Karl
  3. Would anybody know how to include some text in the header? I was to include a brief description of that the forums are about/ what we cover etc. This is to inform new/potential members and maybe will help with seo?
  4. it must be frustrating not being able to get an issue sorted but i have personally had just about every issue resolved with support, i cant fault it
  5. Thats a very useful tool thanks
  6. karld

    Redirect ?

    Thank you Adriano
  7. karld

    Redirect ?

    Hi Adlago I know there isnt an option, i was wondering were this can be edited so redirects to a new window
  8. karld

    Redirect ?

    Hi I have a couple of links already setup but when you click on them they take you to the link but not via a new page i.e not a blank page
  9. karld

    Redirect ?

    When you create a redirect direct link as apposed too a discussion or questions forums etc. When you create these and you click on the link redirect it doesn't open new window but directs you away from your forum.
  10. Hi does anybody know were you can change the link redirect to new page? This is the redirect option when creating new forum.
  11. That worked thanks
  12. That hasn't done anything?
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