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  1. I have some IT stuff, but for this you need multiple right anwsers.....
  2. Hi, can you help me with this issue? I want to import the quiz from my old forum. RuntimeException: FILE_DOES_NOT_EXIST (0) #0 /applications/quizzes/modules/admin/quizzes/importexport.php(156): IPS\File\_FileSystem->contents() #1 /applications/quizzes/modules/admin/quizzes/importexport.php(91): IPS\quizzes\modules\admin\quizzes\_importexport->import('/tmp/phpKIIfww', Object(IPS\quizzes\Category), Object(IPS\Member), false, false, false, false) #2/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(96): IPS\quizzes\modules\admin\quizzes\_importexport->manage() #3/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(146): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #4/admin/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #5 {main}
  3. Can a financial incentive change something. I would be willing to invest. 100?, 200?, 500?
  4. It is possible that i change the code for multiple right anwsers? Which files need a change? Did you have a workaround?
  5. Hi Adriano, please do not misunderstand. I do not mean you have to do something or must have to do something. I ask because it is important to me, because i need it. If you do not want to implement it, or you can´t or it take a very long time (two years or more) i can look for another solution. I like your addon and preferably i would like to continue to use it. As it is now, it is only very limited to me.
  6. Hi Adriano, i will ask you again. What happend with multiple choice / multiple correct anwsers?
  7. For me it would be from a gimmick to something that gives my community a real added value. We could create a quiz, make it accessible to others and it would also interest the app. Could be a win-win situation for all. Do you have such a rough idea when you implement this? Q4 2017? 2018? ... I would also be quite willing to pay more than $25.
  8. Hello Adriano, do you have time and desire to implement this? ... "more than a correct answer per question" ..... thx
  9. When i set a value over 300 then system whisper to me "The value must be smaller than 300." Ok, i will do so. I set different values but after save the value is set back to 127. Version:
  10. Hello, the questions are limited to 127 per quiz. I need around 500 questions per quiz. Can you consider this in future versions or how can I solve this myself? Have a nice Weekend
  11. Hi, thanks for the Addon. Is there the possibility that you can give several correct answers? Something like multiple choice and if you answered a half of the question correctly also got points for it. It would also be nice if you can play the quiz as a test mode and to certain questions also explanations in an extra window. It would be nice if the questions and answers has an editor window to describe a solution and you can click a button to see the solutions.
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