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  1. Fandel


    I have some IT stuff, but for this you need multiple right anwsers.....
  2. Fandel


    Hi, can you help me with this issue? I want to import the quiz from my old forum. RuntimeException: FILE_DOES_NOT_EXIST (0) #0 /applications/quizzes/modules/admin/quizzes/importexport.php(156): IPS\File\_FileSystem->contents() #1 /applications/quizzes/modules/admin/quizzes/importexport.php(91): IPS\quizzes\modules\admin\quizzes\_importexport->import('/tmp/phpKIIfww', Object(IPS\quizzes\Category), Object(IPS\Member), false, false, false, false) #2/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(96): IPS\quizzes\modules\admin\quizzes\_importexport->manage() #3/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(146): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #4/admin/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #5 {main}
  3. Fandel


    Can a financial incentive change something. I would be willing to invest. 100?, 200?, 500?
  4. Fandel


    It is possible that i change the code for multiple right anwsers? Which files need a change? Did you have a workaround?
  5. Fandel


    Hi Adriano, please do not misunderstand. I do not mean you have to do something or must have to do something. I ask because it is important to me, because i need it. If you do not want to implement it, or you can´t or it take a very long time (two years or more) i can look for another solution. I like your addon and preferably i would like to continue to use it. As it is now, it is only very limited to me.
  6. Fandel


    Hi Adriano, i will ask you again. What happend with multiple choice / multiple correct anwsers?
  7. Fandel


    For me it would be from a gimmick to something that gives my community a real added value. We could create a quiz, make it accessible to others and it would also interest the app. Could be a win-win situation for all. Do you have such a rough idea when you implement this? Q4 2017? 2018? ... I would also be quite willing to pay more than $25.
  8. Fandel


    Hello Adriano, do you have time and desire to implement this? ... "more than a correct answer per question" ..... thx
    Good app, good support. Thanks
  9. Fandel


    When i set a value over 300 then system whisper to me "The value must be smaller than 300." Ok, i will do so. I set different values but after save the value is set back to 127. Version:
  10. Fandel


    Hello, the questions are limited to 127 per quiz. I need around 500 questions per quiz. Can you consider this in future versions or how can I solve this myself? Have a nice Weekend
  11. Fandel


    Hi, thanks for the Addon. Is there the possibility that you can give several correct answers? Something like multiple choice and if you answered a half of the question correctly also got points for it. It would also be nice if you can play the quiz as a test mode and to certain questions also explanations in an extra window. It would be nice if the questions and answers has an editor window to describe a solution and you can click a button to see the solutions.
  12. Joe, CP , sure i have used all the systems too. SMF is nice, Woltalb board even too. vB, Copyright....yes i have it on my site. vBulletin is a nice brand even invisionpower but i dont must put the copyright on my site :
  13. Yes, the old debate. But I think it is ok if one expresses his opinion about it, even if I am the 7xxxxx man who says it. Every customer has the right to say that a state is a failure or improvements to propose. I can not determine it, but I can express my wishes
  14. Yes, sure! On a business startpage..... The software is good, i´m happy with the suite. Surely you can say this is like a ferrari brand. Invisionpower is not a bad brand, on the contrary. Still, I do not like it and I do not like it and I've also communicated it. What the team makes of it is their business. No offense. ;-)
  15. Hello Lindy Nice that you pull the popular comparison with the car. I did not know which brands you drive from, so I've communicated it in a different way. Let's say you buy a Cadilac then you have the freedom to choose the Invisionpower logo and remove the Cadilac logo without having to pay extra for it. Everyone who has a business knows why to advertise. What other reason should it have? The copyright can be left in the files and anyone interested can see the source code and would see the reference to the software. I find it not so nice to have your link on my startpage and i have a small business that i run alongside. The thing with the domains you have now made me tasty. It is simply about that if i have problems with the Webserver have short-term to the managed solution. I do not want to run two sides or the like. Another problem with the migration is that I need to run 2 suites paralell at short notice to take over pages or topics. I do not want to move the entire database but rebuild some pages....& topics. I like the C&P thing. Even this is not possible. I think it is okay that you are the legal use of the software in the sense of all but I feel it cumbersome to work. I hope it is all right that I formulate my criticism. Who speaks can be helped and who does not speak is also not helped.
  16. It may be that I am wrong with advertising but when I attach a visible reference to my own company on other sites is advertising for me. The copyright could also be kept within the files. I like IPS. I have IPS and vB. Both are nice but not all!
  17. Thanks, I have to look at this, I'm not a PHP professional. It does not bother me really but if a link is there then you can also be so fair and link to the other forums. One or the other disrupts me e.g. Domain change .... why should pay $ 15 if i change the forum within 6 months to other domains? I have take a look to the init.php and license.php. For something thats fully automatic take money again. Nice! Sorry for my bad english, it´s 20 years ago then i learned ....
  18. This is too much. I dont want to remove the copyright but add the other Forums. vBulltin is much cheaper with Copyright removal. When more people do this then invisionpower have no advantages with this copyright and it can turns into a disadvantage. Maybe then it will be cheaper? Try makes wise I would have the copyright of course gladly away but not at the price and if there already advertised for others is made then it makes no difference whether 1 or 3 forums are linked. I am not ready to let only Invisionpower participate in advertising.
  19. Hello, how can I add additional links to the Invision Copyright? Since i am forced to make advertising for Invision.... then I would be so fair and add XenForo and vBulletin also with it. For me it makes no difference whether more forums are called in the footer. Maybe for google if they're checking backlinks.... Can you help me?
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