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  1. Thanks for the response - a bit too technical for me. Support got back to me today and resolved the problem. If it's a common error, it would be good if it could be caught earlier in the process to avoid customers having stalled upgrades.
  2. I think I have the same error during an upgrade. I don't know if support is closed on Sundays but I have had no response today and a hung upgrade in my browser and would appreciate any help.
  3. Yeh works here, doesn't work on my site. Support are looking at it now.
  4. Same issue here, only the link is appearing in posts, no video. Been like this for a few weeks....
  5. Yeh, this used to work fine, but now the link appears in the post instead of the video. Even if I switch to default theme...?
  6. Hi I just did a fresh install last week, forum has a dozen or so members, and a few posts, but is 1Gb in size already. The hosts says there is 865Mb in table core_cache.ibd however I don't even see that table in myphpadmin. Anyone else come across this?
  7. I tried a profile pic in png and it worked. I tried an avatar pic in png and it worked I went back and tried a post png - and it worked! Strange, but resolved, thanks.
  8. Error when uploading PNG There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance. The ACP says all file types allowed, is there some other setting I need to check? Thanks.
  9. Adding emoticons seems broken on my site somehow. When you click on the icon to open the emoticon window, it is sectioned into groups like "core_emoticon_group_emotions-bd" and "core_emoticon_group_default" - these are weird titles to show members. What does that mean, and why are the emoticons not appearing, just blank spaces? Thanks for any guidance.
  10. Double click you say?... ok if i double click I just get two images being added to the post, I don't see any options. The plus sign does add the image to the post, but actually you can click anywhere on the image and it will add to the post, it seems. But that's okay, I did not know this, this is helpful, although unintuitive. Thanks guys. Double click on the image once it is in the post! I can see the options now, these are cool options, but my god they are hidden in a very unintuitive manner :o(
  11. I'm finding adding images to posts a little unintuitive, and so are my members because they are asking me to add such a feature - not realizing it is already there! I saw a discussion here from 3 years ago, but not sure on current status. From what I see to upload an image to a post, the member clicks "Drag files here to attach, or choose files... " and can then upload. Problem is, I cannot see how to then form any text around that image, because it does not appear in the body of the new post editor...? Most user interfaces have an picture icon, you click on it and an image is uploaded to the cursor position - this is what people are used to and works perfectly - is this not possible with invision? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the help Nathan! I was able to add it to the menu manager - many thanks!
  13. I have a licence for the forums, not the full community deal...? I don't think I have a menu manager, but the chat module shows up in the ACP. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums
  14. Yes all groups given permission for it. How do I get it to appear in the nav bar?
  15. After enabling Chat in ACP, where do we find it or how do we add it to the nav bar? Thanks!
  16. Member signature edits used to be in Account Settings, but I cannot locate it at all in Ack, sigs were disabled in the ACP thats all!
  17. Thanks guys, I needed pointing in the right direction. I have one busy forum and one not so busy so this message took me by surprise. Cheers.
  18. Yeh I know what a cron job is, but this cryptic ACP message does not say what cron job it is suggesting should be run...
  19. This meassge is in my ACP Routine maintenance tasks are performed as users access the site but it looks like the traffic to your community is not sufficient to run these tasks on time. What does it mean? It seems contradictory, ie the maintenance task needs lots of forum activity to run? Then It is recommended that you set up a cron or a web service to ensure a backlog is not created. If you have recently switched to the 'Run Automatically with Traffic' it may take a short while for the backlog to be cleared and you can ignore this message. A cron job for what?? Can someone explain this? Thanks.
  20. Yes, but I think this is part of a bigger issue. I was getting this too and yes you can switch of guest reporting, but this looks like some kind of hack or spam attack, something malicious is going on here as I am still getting guest reports emails being sent out by the forums, but guest reporting is OFF.
  21. Okay, not perfect having to trawl through blog posts but I guess its a good idea - thanks.
  22. So I have just upgraded from 3.x to 4.x and it all went very smoothly, so thanks for that! On reading for "Next steps" and looking for new features to make the members aware of, I keep coming up against 404 errors here, and thing have moved on since these type of posts were made early in v4 release. Can someone point me to a v4 feature list so I can help my members enjoy their new forums? Thanks.
  23. I think I found my own answer in the ACP Force Friendly URLs?
  24. HI V3 urls looked like this /forums/index.php?showtopic=59781 V4 urls look like this /forums/index.php?/topic/59781-triple-monitors-need-help/ So V4 is better for SEO as it contains keywords but the bigger issue for me is that changing the URLs means that all the backlinks to my forum from other sites will now be 404 errors - is this correct? Thanks.
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